Saturday, December 07, 2013

What the Man in Your Life Wants for Christmas

Remember how I said men want women to lose 15 pounds for Christmas?

Yeah, scratch that.

I now know what I want for Christmas.


All I need is Glenn Reynolds to mention my new book and like my AR-15 I'll be able to buy one!

You can find the website here.


Anonymous said...

At a minimum, it'd at least get people playing video games some exercise. Having to run through every first person shooter would make for healthier gamers.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I can not help ranting sometimes, especially when I involuntarily hear some millenials music. The new woman:

"I crashed my car into a bridge", while wearing "bikinis on top"

Phil Galt said...

Oculus Rift? Hmm...they have done some interesting things from a bushiness perspective.

1) They have made the development kit affordable, meaning 3d party developers can play with it.

2) They are willing to work with some... unorthodox companies. See

Enjoy that decline!