Saturday, December 14, 2013

From Our Artist Agent in the Field - Ms. Libbi Ponce

Young Ms. Ponce contacted me about pursuing an art career and I think between myself and our resident artist Jorge Gonzales we set her on the right path to achieve that, but not sacrifice thousands of dollars on a worthless degree.  Regardless, she found out I was sick and sent me this kind gesture:

Why I do believe despite my evil capitalist nature, I might have some warm fuzzies.

And just so you know ladies, poor ole sick Cappy NEVER turns down any form of pampering and "awpoorbaby-ing."


Blinding Buddha said...

Get well brother!

Faithless Cynic said...

Sorry to hear about your illness Captain. We keep a few boxes of Lypospheric Vitamin C around for colds and flu.Lypospheric C is absorbed quicker and causes less stomach upset than conventional C. Take 3 packets of Lypospheric C per day and kill your cold or flu very quickly. The stuff has an odd taste and is best mixed into orange juice to make it more palatable. There is a great site that deals with natural healing called We will need these sites as Obama does not care degrades conventional medical care.

Lypospheric C is available on Amazon and several other sites.

Anonymous said...

One thing that can really hurt recovery is added (cane/white/brown) sugar. Drink lots of water and juice, but only if it doesn't have any added garbage. Stay away from ice cream.