Saturday, December 28, 2013

Table of Contents for Bachelor Pad Economics

A reader had a good question, as well as several of you have inquired about what "Bachelor Pad Economics" more specifically covers.  Here is the table of contents, a more thorough explanation will be released once it's available at Amazon.

Chapter 1    "Leaderless, Guideless, and Adrift"
Chapter 2    "Philosophy" (about economics, investing, life goals etc.)
Chapter 3    "The Basics"
Chapter 4    "Education"
Chapter 5    "Career"
Chapter 6    "Entrepreneurship"
Chapter 7    "Girls"
Chapter 8    "Housing and Lodging"
Chapter 9    "Cars and Transportation"
Chapter 10  "Maintenance and Repair"
Chapter 11  "Investing and Retirement Planning"
Chapter 12  "Wife and Kids"
Chapter 13  "Legal"
Chapter 14  "Economics"
Chapter 15  "End of Life Planning"

In short it is a reference guide for all men of all ages between 14-Death.  The younger they read it, the better off their life will be. Basically it is a book of advice that your father should have given you, but given today's single-mother households or just spineless fathers, this vital wisdom and guidance is sorely lacking.


Gilberto de la Garza said...

Hey Captain I'm Jose Bolsiski I wrote you a few months ago. This book looks really interesting. Do you think is applicable to someone who is not living in the states?

Iconoclasta said...

Luckily i'm just entering college, so this book should give a great wealth of information. You mentioned that the cost was 30 dollars, is that for the print and kindle version? or is the kindle version priced differently? Could i get it in a PDF version?

Anonymous said...

Another person here considering buying your book, but want to know how applicable the info is to someone living in the UK.

Anonymous said...

This looks good! Looking forward to it!

Green Steelhead said...

Bang! Looks great, even for a gentlemen just SLIGHLY older than you, Cappy.

Nice work!