Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Clarey Podcast, Latest Episode!

Aaron talks about replacing booze with lifting weights, gets a GREAT letter from his "Brazilliant" Agent in the Field, explains why everybody has a right to enjoy the suffering of leftists and parasites, and talks about putting together an "Anti-Feminist" poster, and MORE in this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast!


Alex from Australia said...

Hi Captain,

any chance you can group or tag all of your podcast posts so it would be easier to find them all. I missed out on almost all of them so now I have to search for them manually. It would be so much easier if they have a 'podcast' tag below so blogspot can just list them. Thanks for all your effort

Anonymous said...


I'm having an issue downloading the latest podcast (12-28-13). It stalls at 2mb.

I've tried multiple machines, same issue every time.

Kristophr said...

Jebus, Aaron ... you would think you got raped in Wyoming ( do I hear banjos? ).

Yes, the culture is different here, and yes, most of the white trash here vote Republican ( the only Democrat majorities are in Jackson's Hole and rail union neighborhoods in Cheyenne ).

Not wasting your time on a four year degree is just a big plus, and hot rodding a diesel PU is a harmless hobby that makes ecotards cry.

And yes, the 10s that don't get married young all gravitate towards better hunting grounds in Denver or the coasts ... hypergamy is the same everywhere.

Marshallaw said...

Hey Cappy,
Check this out, booze ain't so bad...