Friday, December 06, 2013

What Would Sophia Loren Do?

Here's a pretty easy rule of thumb to follow ladies:

"What Would Sophia Loren Do?" or WWSLD?

I was in downtown Phoenix the other day, when I saw a cackle of middle aged women laughing and having a good ole time. It wasn't until I got closer however did I realize what they were doing.

Posing with a naked statue akin to the "King David" statue.  Yes, they were grabbing his unit and posing in lewd places.  But once I shook off the initial disbelief, I figured it would be good to document it.

The picture is a little dark, which is probably for the best.

So let me ask you something ladies.  Who can you see doing this? 

Sophia Loren or
Miley Ray Cyrus

And then ask which one you want to be.

Seriously, this is the selection boys.  This is the selection.  Enjoy that decline.


Anonymous said...

Sophia Loren was once asked if she would ever marry again, after her husband of 50 years Carlo Ponti, she said "no, it would be impossible ever love anyone else that much" (I paraphrase).

She's not just gorgeous, she is loyal, and class radiates from her.

Anonymous said...

Hah, "cackle" of middle-aged women.

That word fits so much better than "gaggle." They don't cluck like hens (a clutch) even though they do waddle like geese (a gaggle). The shrieks of a group of middle aged women doing goofy teenager-type stuff is best summed by the collective noun "cackle." Good one, Cap.

A friend of a friend is going through a divorce right now. Kicked her husband out five months ago and is already dating a new guy, taking him out to bars to meet her friends. I can absolutely see this woman engaging in this type of behavior, and goading her friends into same.

earl said...

These women must have not got the memo that there is more to men than just their dicks.

Our true gift is what is on the inside and our ambition to make it happen on the outside.

beta_plus said...

Those are women? No, I'm not trying to be cruel or sarcastic. I really thought that they were dudes. Really. My body looks more feminine than their bodies do, and I lift, do the Insanity Workout (so close to the Asylum upgrade), and run.