Monday, December 02, 2013

Matt Forney Doesn't Like Typos

Matt was kind enough to read and review my "best of" book "Captain Capitalism - Top Shelf."

May I return the favor and suggest you consider one of his books for a gift this season (I recommend the hitchhiking book) or also consider his podcast?


Anonymous said...

Captain, do you think a crematory for baby-boomers would be a good business idea ?

I'm sorry, I write my rants anywhere I can on the internet.

heresolong said...

I don't lik typos ither, but I no you are a curmudgeon and arne't going to change, so I just redd EtD as it was and tryed not to let it boether mey.

Izanpo said...

Well, the knee-jerk reaction is "Who is this Uncle Fester fatso to criticize Cappy's work?!"

But right or wrong, his critique of Top Shelf is a thoughtful one. He didn't just go the intellectually lazy route, like 100% of liberals, and hurl all manner of ad hominem insults. These were actually sensible observations.

Forney even goes so far as to offer a valuable tip about Elance.

For a freelance artist, sites like Elance and Odesk represent nothing more than a race to the bottom. However, if you happen to be a project manager or an author, and you have no moral reservations about paying some Ph.D. in Malaysia $2/hr to edit your book, then it's a sound investment.

To counter Forney's criticism, I'd say that the true measure of any work is not that it contains errors, but that the good outweighs the bad. Despite the odd grammatical glitch, the content of Cappy's books is great. He touches on topics that most authors consider Kryptonite because it goes against The Official Narrative.

PS...It's nice to see that Cappy is still working with the talented Jorge Rodriguez. We haven't seen posts from Jorge in a while, and I worried that maybe there'd been a falling out after the Boris book. Nice to see he's still in the picture!