Friday, December 27, 2013

Teachers Love Your Children More Than You Do

Well, at least that's what the maths say.

I estimated the amount of time children, from kindergarten to 12th grade, spend with their parents, vs. teachers and daycare providers.

There are some assumptions I made and you can certainly calculate your own figures, but including weekends, friends, commuting, summers, etc. those state paid teachers spend a HUGE amount of time more with your child than you do.  AND keep in mind their ENTIRE JOB is to be teaching and engaging them the entire time.  Your time also includes feeding them, lecturing them, chores, etc.  NOT sitting down and TALKING with them.

But remember,

you need a career
you voted democrat because you care
you need to pay those taxes
you need to pay for strangers to raise your kid in daycare

so you're in the clear.

I'm sure your child will come visit you in the nursing home.


Pete Brewster said...

Again, Captain---thanks to the welfare state the sisterhood no longer have any incentive to do the job nature gave them---raise their children properly. Someone else's kid will pay the taxes needed for them to retire from their make-work gubmint job at 55 and take another 40 years to die.

The job of the schools, as far as the typical American woman is concerned, is to keep her little monsters out of her hair long enough for her to be able to go to the make-work gubmint job---assuming she doesn't get a booty call from her fellow tax-parasite alpha male du mois that morning and doesn't decide to "call in sick."

Charlotte said...

As a teacher, I got to see the impact of this firsthand. It was really hard to hear the children speak of how much they missed their moms when they worked, and how much they hated having to go to after school daycare because their parents' workdays didn't end until long after the school day did. For those children, their parents are never the primary caregiver at any points in their lives. From birth, they've spent more time being cared for others than by their own parents. Many of them had been spending 50 hours a week in daycare since birth. It's nothing short of tragic.

Anonymous said...

Not if he's smart he won't:

Wall Street Journal --
"29 states that could make adult children pay for Mom's care":

No, Junior is doing just fine living on the other side of the country away from Batshit Crazy Mom ...

Aquinas Dad said...

The Wife homeschools our 5 sons. It is a ton of work but:
- they are courteous, polite, and well-spoken
- they have a strong grasp of history, politics, and high culture
- They all read and write at a very high level of proficiency
- they all read for pleasure, including non-fiction
- they argue about things like the impact of Prussia on the politics of the House of Savoy and know what they are talking about
- I see and speak to them every single day and they have a close, healthy relationship with their mother.

Public school is a form of child abuse