Thursday, December 05, 2013

"Inflation Insurance"

You want to tell your woman you love her?
You want to show her how much you care?

Well then this Christmas get her what every woman wants:

Inflation Insurance.

Yes, gold, silver, be it bars or bullion, makes the perfect Christmas gift for the woman in your life.  Unlike other men, you know that your girl pays attention to the M2 money supply, is aware of the expansionary monetary policy the Federal Reserve is pursuing, and can calculate national debt to GDP.  So instead of flowers or chocolates, you know she wants something tangible and never frivolous - precious metals.

So go to or call them at 1-800-822-8080 and get the love of your life (or even yourself) some Inflation Insurance.  Nothing says I love you more than a pound of silver.

(Don't forget to mention that the Captain sent you!)


Faithless Cynic said...

Jeebus! i feel like the Tom Leykis of food here. I think you should forget gold and silver until you have a years supply of non perishable food MINIMUM. I eat homemade bread everyday ground from wheat I bought in 1995. Wheat, riice, and beans will last years when properly stored. 400 pounds of rice and 100 pounds of beans will keep you alive for a year, although you will hate such a limited diet. Store other foods and plenty of spices for variety, along with a way to cook the stuff. Sorry if I sound like a nag, but, what good is gold if you die of starvation?

Anonymous said...

While I like metal, you get a better deal if you buy 100oz (Gold) or 300oz (Silver) ingots directly from commodities exchanges and then take delivery.

Amethyst said...

Heard on one of those "Here's What To Do In Case of Apocalypse" documentary shows that a diet of rice, canola oil and canned tuna would provide all of the nutrients your body needs. A huge stock of canned and dried meat should last you a good three years (and you can always swap out and replace about to expire meat or donate it to a local food shelf for a tax break.)

I'd get a huge stash of fish/veternary antibiotics as well, as that stuff is sure to be worth its weight in gold if SHTF...

Anonymous said...

Or better yet, buy gold and silver jewelery from somewhere that sells it by weight (such as India.) Inflation proof and wearable!