Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Man Talk"

A long time ago, and stupidly listening to my mother, I was lead to believe that girls liked it when a guy bought her flowers, wrote poetry, and said nice things.

I now know that all you need is "Man Talk"

Are you boys paying attention?


Paul, Dammit! said...

Well, I could have told you that. The little house in the picture has about the same square footage as a fuel barge's accomodations- I spent 2 years living a month at a time in a nicely-appointed deckhouse like that. Nothing, but nothing, however, does more to make you want to indulge in a $4,000 a month mortgage to put a couple thousand square feet of living space between you and everyone else so you don't have to share someone else's personal smells and sounds constantly. This is still living in an Airstream, whether it's on blocks or on the water or in the woods.

Anonymous said...

I remember Sean Connery's interview with Bawbra Wawa, many years ago. Great interview, especially since Connery wasn't taking any crap from Bawbra. Even at 81, Connery could still kick someone's posterior.

mark robinette said...

Bond is a the ultimate alpha male. I remember a scene from one of those Connery Bond films where he was with a chick and got a call from work. She started bugging him and he smacked her hands. Good stuff. WWSCD?

beta_plus said...

One of Tucker Max's stories revolves around that clip.