Thursday, December 26, 2013

Laurette Lynn and How Schools are Prisons

A Stefan Molyneux podcast that is an absolute must.  He interviews an author, Laurette Lynn who actually hates school more than I did.

I haven't even listened to the whole thing, but what struck me is when she is talking about staying home to rear children how much you realize she actually loves her children.  Stefan also has a hell of a quotable comment:

"If you have a kid, but instead both parents decide to have jobs, then that's like cheating on your kid."

What amazes is not how feminism thought that outsourcing the rearing of children to the state or nannies would work, but that society as a whole bought such hogwash.


Take The Red Pill said...

"What amazes is not how feminism thought that outsourcing the rearing of children to the state or nannies would work, but that society as a whole bought such hogwash."

Remember that 'parents raising their own children' is both contrary to the interests of Marxism/socialism/communism and (at the time was) an "old fashioned" idea. Radicals of every stripe ALWAYS reject anything "old fashioned" and try to either change it or get rid of it -- usually so that they can institute their wonderful "new" replacement.
And usually, their wonderful "new" replacement has been tried before either elsewhere or under another name, and it has failed miserably -- e.g., socialized medicine (Obamacare, anyone?).

Anonymous said...

For the love of god, podcasters everywhere, NORMALIZE YOUR AUDIO!

Pete Brewster said...

Simple. Once the gubmint took over responsibility of care for the aged, children ceased to be an asset and became a liability. That's why birth rates collapsed and women's incentive to bother raising the little monsters themselves if they had any choice vanished utterly. No matter how royally mommy screwed up her kids---assuming she let them escape her uterus alive---Uncle Sugar would pay her top dollar to retire at 55 and take another 40 years to die.

JoeAmerica said...

A friend who works both in LA County Jail and some of the not so nice schools here talked about getting in and out of such places. While you do not have to itemize every last thing you have going into public schools (you have to going into a prison) Many of the other things are the same. I said theses schools are literally much like LA County Jail, once inside your locked down. I was thinking if you had to use such force to keep people in how bad is it? You cant be learning much good in such a place. (its well known that long term prisoners are generally not able to function outside of prison)

You used to be able to graduate high school and get a decent job, no longer. Maybe the problem is with the school.

Tyler Cowen writer of The Great Stagnation suggest there will be a trend toward a more parochial school or a boot camp style as an alternative to current education as an end run around the failings of primary schools. He makes this assertion because one he does not think public schools will reform. Two there is an abundance of high quality education available on line. Third is the lack of self discipline common in public schools. Fearing there kids will fall behind and become poor parents will send there kids to these kinds of schools. The problem is not the lack of good education and knowledge, its the discipline to study.

Here you can see what institutions the general public trust, the more male oriented the greater the trust. Schools are near the bottom with Congress.

JoeAmerica said...

Public school teachers + fatherlessness + disruptive children being “fixed” by psychotropic drugs = ?