Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nelson Mandela - Kill Whites

I have largely stayed away from the Nelson Mandela debate because I was ignorant about him.  Aside from what was shoved down my throat in the 80's, I never paid attention to the man.  Well, through factual research my opinion on Nelson Mandela has now officially solidified from what my socialist teachers told me to think of him to the truth.

He was a communist and probably a racist.  And I don't have time to tolerate assholes, let alone keep up the charade the government/media/education complex wants me to.  And if you don't like that fact he was a racist communist, then you really have to ask yourself (especially if you're white) why you would support somebody singing songs about killing white people?  I mean, if you're that brainwashed to defend a guy who is singing songs about killing you, then bravo, bravo educational and government establishment.  You got people to adhere to an ideology over their own lives.

In the meantime he was a despicable person despite the good he did in South Africa. My opinion will change when historical FACTS (not education or media brainwashing) warrant otherwise.


Monroe Ficus said...

The Mandela worship is the scariest thing I hear from white liberals. They either extremely ignorant or are so arrogant they believe they are too smart, privileged or protected to end up like the poor Boers who have been killed in the plaasmoorde.

NormalGuy said...

Here, go and read.

aerodawg said...

he may have done good in helping end apartheid but he was nota good man. torture and murder were sop for a lot of the groups he was involved in and/or controlled

Pete Brewster said...

You forgot the best part---real rape, as opposed to harlot's remorse, is epidemic in post-apartheid South Africa, at a level unheard of in the United States. Not co-incidentally, so is AIDS. Fun fact: in South Africa, local witch doctors swear by raping babies as a cure for the virus.

Of course American feminists, who only opposed apartheid because their favourite rock stars did (and photos of Nelson Mandela in 1962 got their motors running) haven't bothered mentioning this. Once they were satisfied that white men had gotten their just deserts somewhere in the world, they never spared another thought for South Africa again, till Invictus came to theaters. What became of their "sisters" who had to live with the consequences wasn't their problem.

Anonymous said...

And if you don't like that fact he was a racist communist, then you really have to ask yourself (especially if you're white) why you would support somebody singing songs about killing white people?

Whatever the songs he sang, he attained power and then didn't kill any white people. Surely that counts for something.

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 419

Fair play. Duly noted and sustained. Actions do outweigh words.

Well played.


Unknown said...

While not the angle the left wants to portray him as, he had the means and opportunity to create one of the bloodiest decades of retribution in history - and he didn't. To think someone has total control over every ally of convenience is to ascribe powers politicians only dream of. And the ANC was never under control, not by Mandela or anyone else - It was a communist mob with delusions of grandeur and a level of greed and desire for blood that maybe unmatched in history.

He could have made Pol Pot or Milošević look like a pikers - and there was certainly more support for that approach than the more moderate (relatively speaking) approach that was taken.

Hero? Angle? No. Communist? Possibly, probably?

Racist? well given his background wouldn't you be? Anyone influenced by leftist teachings is likely a racist to some extent - which is to say - Views white males as, at best possible material for serfdom, although probably better to just kill them (including the useful idiots when they're no longer useful).

Was it the best possible result? There is no way to know, but I'm pretty damn certain it wasn't the worst. I'm also pretty damn certain that a significant amount of the information is leftist propaganda, and a lot of the troubles after Mandela came to power were not of his making - although he may have had opportunity to stop more than he did, and perhaps not start a few of his own.

Don't over simplify the situation - there were a lot of agendas influencing things, and a lot of lies being told from every group with an agenda - blacks (lots of different groups and agendas), leftists - whites (quite a few different groups and agendas) - racists on both sides, money'd and poor. Lots and lots of agendas

I give him credit for not making a very bad situation a whole lot worse - which is I suppose is close to damming with faint praise. Without access to a lot more "truth" than I think exists - it's the best I can do.

PioneerPreppy said...

There are thousands of Dead White Farmers that would disagree with Anon 419's claim.

Anonymous said...

He may have been a racist, but after the stuff that blacks had to endure, most people would go down that road.

In Malcolm X's autobiography, he says that the nation of islam claims that the whites are the "devil race" and many people (including himself) believed it given the circumstances.

PioneerPreppy said...

I just can't believe what I am reading here.

In 1984 it has been reported there were an estimated 128K farms operating in SA. Today there are less than 40K and no country is allowing South African Whites to immigrate because of the fear they will have to admit what is going on there. Wonder where all those farmers went huh?

The killings have at least reached the point that some official anti-genocide groups are admitting it is going on and other sites maintained by White South Africans claim as many as 60,000 White murders.

The numbers of White's butchered in South Africa since 1984 dwarfs the number's of Blacks killed before apartheid was abolished. Why even the numbers of Black deaths since 1984 are hundreds of times higher than they were before.

The Western countries that caused this massacre don't report it and the Feminist/Liberals who just want to see Whites murdered don't want you to know.

Coming soon to America is they can manage it.

NormalGuy said...

Once again people will not read. They call whites the 'debil race' and yet call for whites to end segregation...

If whites were the devil race, you should be calling for them to segregate from you, not the other way round.

Whites supposedly harmed blacks so much during Apartheid that blacks from other free African countries fled there for jobs and safety.

Yea, screw the truth guys. And another fact, Nelson may not have personally murdered whites day in and day out, but he planned to and was caught. He had a fair trial, watched by the entire world and was found guilty. The Judge said he should have hanged but instead got life. He signed off on terrorist attacks and was offered his freedom time and again if he would denounce violence as a means of political change. He didn't.

There is a pandemic of farm murders in South Africa of the most gruesome sort and the ANC does nothing. Well, not nothing, they have destroyed the one unit of white protection that literally brought the murders down to nil, that of the Commandos, a unit made up of old Recce officers and other ex military officials who got ditched after the end of Apartheid and turned to security outfits as a means of making a living.

Whites are taxed heavily in this country, we have to pay double for schooling, health care services and other government services, once for blacks and again for ourselves. We literally have fed and clothed blacks but they demand we give them everything for nothing. When we say 'no', you call us racists...

In due time, the Western world will realise the mistake it made by not leaving South Africans alone to sort our own issues out. That day will be glorious!

Monroe Ficus said...

Couldn't you also say that Mandela basically fought the Third Boer War for the largely British business interests in South Africa? The DeBeers cartel hated the Afrikaaners and thought apartheid was bad for business, but feared the ANC's commie connections. Is it any coincidence Mandela was only released once the Berlin Wall fell?

Like how those 60s radicals become yuppies, Mandela realized that sucking up to multi-culti capitalism trumped violent ANC nationalism

heresolong said...

He also voluntarily stepped down after one term as president. How often does that happen in Africa? From what I have read his earlier views (communist, etc) may have been tempered during his time in prison to the point that he realized that you couldn't build a society out of hatred. I don't agree with much of what he did in his life, but I respect what he accomplished overall.

PeppermintPanda said...

I actually think that there is a lot of truth to the argument that Nelson Mandela sought out allies wherever he could find them; and I think it is important to judge the man by what he actually did.

The two presidents I would compare him to are Robert Mugabe and Barack Obama. Under Mugabe, Zimbabwe destroyed their economy in their attempt to punish the white minority for past wrongs; while in South Africa Mandela looked to reconcile relationships between all South Africans and create a unified nation. On top of that, Mandela was imprisoned for decades and forgave the men who put him there when he was released while Barack Obama was given every benefit and privilege of life in the United States and holds a massive grudge against the majority of Americans.

Whether or not his life lives up to the legend, Nelson Mandela is justifiably one of the greatest leaders of the past century.

Anonymous said...

Well you also forgot he was a terrorist. Yeah, that whole thing about him being in jail for all those years was because he had committed terrorism. I guess for some the ends justify the means? I have never heard he was sorry for his crimes? Maybe he was? But I'll take a pass on the hero worship.

John McNeill said...

Mandela had no need to resort to Pol Pot-style communism. He set up a system that slowly and gradually exterminated whites rather than immediate Helter Skelter. Mandela was smart and cunning, he deserves credit for that. But his "legacy" is not something to be proud of. Perhaps if he had decided to be the African Pol Pot, the ANC would have been put down like a mad dog. Instead Afrikaners are murdered on a regular basis, and there is no one willing to condemn it out of fear for exposing the "Rainbow Nation" for the hellhole that it is.

As for him "forgiving" his jailors, he was tried and convicted of terrorism, not political dissent. He belonged in jail. It was stupid to release him.

Anonymous said...

Can we even say he did any good in South Africa? I mean, before the ANC took over, South Africa never had to import food. Now they' running trade deficits, their cities fall apart, and violent crime has skyrocketed. But wait, there's more! Nevermind all the white people he killed. Let's face it, nobody gives a shit about dead white people. White people are evil racists and oppressors... and stuff. Let's look at the amount of black people he killed! Yeah! That's what matters!

Apartheid government: Lasted roughly 46 years, killed around 6700 black people.

ANC: Took power in 1994. Roughly 19 years in power. Killed around 13000 black people.

Ain't numbers fun?

Anonymous said...

I have seen a site to allow white SAs to enter in Europe. Is Europe turning them away? I would hope not. And two , do most whites want to leave? Or stay, with hopes things will improve?