Thursday, October 26, 2023

When Laziness Was Our Friend

As is usually the case with writing a book, you will write something brilliant, but it just doesn't fit into the book.  You don't want to let it go, but it has to go on the cutting floor because while interesting, it doesn't serve the interests of the book.

So I decided to post it here so it wasn't lost to the cutting floor.  The book should be published in November.  Keep an eye out for "A World Without Men"

Laziness was once one of humanity's best friends. It was a survival mechanism that kept us alive by making sure we didn't expend more calories of energy than there was to eat during times when food was not plentiful. It was not immoral or unethical, it was prudent. Laziness was an intelligent cost-benefit analysis to make sure we did not squander our caloric resources so that we didn't starve.

However, since those times laziness has mutated into the most evil cancer that infects humanity today. Because whereas in times past, laziness was a means by which to ensure your efforts were not wasted, it has now evolved into a universal fear of work. And not just a fear of work, but an all-controlling, instinctual, crippling fear as it was so critical to our survival in the past. It is arguably even more powerful than the male sex drive. And this all-consuming fear has cost humanity nearly its entire potential, as well as rendered the vast majority of human lives pointless and wasted.

For example, I've had many clients who lived in abusive homes. When I asked the simple question, "Well, why don't you move?," they all invariably responded, "But I get free rent." People will tolerate actual abuse before getting a job. Their fear of work is more powerful than the pain of abuse.

Millions of young people every year major in the liberal arts, business, and social sciences. When you ask them "Why don't you major in Accounting or Engineering?" they all say, "Well I don't like math." They are so afraid of work they'll waste 4 years of their youth and cripple themselves financially with student debt to avoid it. And this says nothing about the lost potential had they chosen to do something productive or great instead.

We could go on, but the point is the fear of work is so powerful, it not only forces people to make decisions that hurt them, but it also holds people hostage so tightly it prevents them from achieving anything good or great in their lives. This consequently ruins most people's lives as they both achieve nothing and suffer the entire time. And women are no exception. They are just as much a slave to laziness as any one else.

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