Thursday, February 28, 2013

Confessions of a Worthless Degreed Person

Part 3 of the series

In this segment Jorge discusses how thoroughly brainwashed his elder sister is as the realities of her worthless degree fail to gain acceptance with her brain.  HORSES are included in this story (as those beasts usually find a way into my world) as well as how a sibling has to deal with other siblings when it comes to delusion foisted upon them by socialism, educational brainwashing and the leftist disease.

Remember, all of this pain can be avoided, and the disease inoculated against by purchasing and reading "Worthless."  And YES it's available in Kindle!


Reluctant Paladin said...

My roommate's girlfriend is a story right out of "Worthless". English degree so she's working as a cashier at some restaurant. Ofcourse, she has no drive or ambition so she's fine with that, and she's far too proud to admit that her English degree is "worthless" even though its apparent.

sth_txs said...

The Meaningless BA Degree

Anonymous said...

The PHD is a failure. The SCIENCE!!! PHD is lower than the humanities. Those who do get a job have horrible salaries, when you throw in just a modest discount rate and time assumptions. And hours. God, the hours they have to work.

Anonymous said...

Captain, have read worthless and concur.

Gave a copy to my freshman nephew. Think he's ignoring it.

- an observer

Anonymous said...

This maybe relevance to this blog post:

You are exactly right about the worthlessness of college degrees these days as the article above shows.