Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Twin Cities Sponsor - Conceal and Carry

For those of you in the Twin Cities I have a new sponsor.  Mike Seman will be having a conceal and carry class in the St. Louis Park neighborhood.  Here is the information for TODAY'S class, but if you call Mike he will let you know about other classes he has in the near future:

Meeting at Midwest Protection Agency
6009 Wayzata Blvd. Suite 222
Minneapolis, MN 55416
(763) 421-2966 Ext. 601
Cost: $100.00
Range qualification at Bill’s Gun Range (Range fees of approximately $20.00 paid directly to Bill’s)
Equipment needed: Pistol, 50 rounds of ammo, eye and ear protection.
A free loaner gun is available by request.


Anonymous said...

Well worth the money! Great company to get training from!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know the procedure for buying a firearm in Minnesota, in particular a pistol for target shooting. I've never purchased one. I have no intention for concealed carry.

Obviously, there's a background check required, but do you get that from your county law enforcement or is that done at the firearm seller such as Cabelas.

Do you do the background check completed in advance of the purchase or at the time of purchase?

Just need to know how the process works and don't want to appear like an idiot in public asking such things.

I do intend to hook up with a sportsman's club or a range to learn to shoot safely and to figure out what pistol would work best for me.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Seman said...

Under Minnesota law, handgun transfers involve any sale, gift, loan, assignment or other delivery to another person. If you possess a valid Minnesota permit to carry a handgun, that permit constitutes a permit to purchase. You don't need to apply for a separate permit to purchase.

Options for Obtaining a Permit to Purchase/Transfer
Option 1

Fill out a the Minnesota Uniform Firearm Application/Receipt Permit to Purchase/Transfer. Submit the application to your local police chief, or if your municipality does not have a police department, to your county's sheriff. The law enforcement agency will conduct a series of background-related checks to assure you meet eligibility requirements established in state law.

Once those checks are complete, a one-year permit to purchase a handgun in Minnesota will be issued. If you are applying for a permit to transfer the law enforcement agency must notify you of its status within seven days of receipt.

If you are selling a handgun and the buyer has not obtained a permit to purchase, you must notify the local police department or sheriff's office of the potential transaction. Once the law enforcement agency receives the transfer/purchase agreement, the agency has five days to determine the potential buyer's eligibility to possess a handgun.
Option 2

If you want to make a one-time purchase of a handgun from a dealer and you do not have a permit to purchase, you may apply directly at the gun shop where you will purchase the handgun. The gun shop will require you to complete a consent form that allows them to conduct a name and date-of-birth background check to determine your eligibility to purchase a gun. The gun shops are entitled to charge a fee for this service.

Blackwing1 said...

Captain, since no one else has mentioned it I will. Please do not refer to the permit as a "conceal and carry", or "concealed carry", or anything else that references "concealment". Here in Minnesnowta, it is a "carry permit". The law (MN 624.714) was specifically written to avoid HAVING to conceal your firearm.

That being said, concealing it is STILL a really good idea when carrying. It helps you avoid problems that might come up when the twits make the "man with a gun" call because they freaked out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mr. Seman and Blackwing1.