Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Our Esquire Agent in the Field

Enjoys the Decline!

Notice it is in Kindle format.


Anonymous said...

This is building into quite a cadre of femme fetales, [Sir] Captain Capitalism. Yes, at this rate you could end up being knighted.

heresolong said...

But not in Nook format. Sigh. Still waiting for that 19th Century creation, the Post Office, to deliver my laboriously printed, bound, and mailed paperback book. Five days later. Patience is overrated.

Captain Capitalism said...

Yes heresolong, but at least you're helping contribute to global warming!

Wayne Earl said...

Actually, if one actually measures resoures for materials and energy generation, the kindle version is far more environmentally desctructive, which is why kindle books are my favorite.

Ah science. My friend in the decline.

stranger danger said...

"But not in Nook format."

Calibre (open source) will convert to/from many different formats. You can convert from Amazon to Nook.