Friday, February 01, 2013


Ooo!  14,000 DJIA!!!!  Yea!!!!!  We broke even!!! Yeaaaaa!!!!

Did you adjust for inflation?  Because if you did, you're still down 11%

So, let me see if I get this right.  If the stock market basically remains static for 5 years and inflation erodes at your real value, we celebrate?

My, Obama certainly has created a much lower "new normal."


Phillyastro said...

How much is the market inflated due to QE "To infinity and beyond!"?

sth_txs said...

Of course, the significance of this chart is lost on your average functionally stupid MBA graduate. And that includes those from the top 10.

Spoos in August said...


I was hoping Helicopter Ben might ease off the printing press, but that's clearly not happening any time soon. Can't wait to see the shit fly when the debt ceiling negotiations roll around.

Blake said...

Isn't this proof that stock prices are NOT connected to the REAL economy? Since the economy showed a what was it, a -.1% decline?

Will Brown said...

I just need this fantasy to continue until mid-May so I can clean out my 401(k) without eating the early withdrawal penalty (the taxes are going to be bad enough). If it does, I'll be looking at another AR-pattern rifle in a respectable caliber (probably .308) shortly thereafter, so there is that on the bright side of this whole fiasco.

Eric B said...

Only 11% inflation? Well, if you believe the government's numbers.

Ecclesiastes said...

I think you've got the wrong model.

This isn't about the value of anything.

One takes the amount of currency that is being dumped into the market, then divides by the number of stocks, weighted by the number of number of newsprint column inches each company appears in the press, including advertising.

Yeah, I'm wrong ... but I'm right.

Archimedes said...

What exactly should we 'invest' our money in? I'm 33 no debt except mortgage 2 kids & wife. I would like to retire at 70 or 75. (yes i like to work, i like it a lot)