Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Darien Long for President

“What you do is clean up the neighborhood so other businesses can come in and downtown Atlanta can prosper.”

Party on Wayne.  Party on Darien.


Anonymous said...

I remember when I was in college (and dinosaurs roamed the Earth in majestic herds), the school had a terrible student departure rate. It seems almost 14% of the freshmen were transferring to other schools on a regular basis.

One sunny day, as I struggled to forget the previous night when drunken morons set off all the fire alarms in our ENTIRELY CONCRETE DORM and we were all forcible marched into the SUBZERO VERMONT WINTER AT 2:30AM, I heard that the school was paying two idiots $75K each to find out why so many freshmen were leaving.

So I marched into the Dean of Students' office, told him what happened to me last night, that I would be transferring to another school, and that he owed me $75K for doing a job two nitwits couldn't figure out.

That sort of thing happened all the time. The offending parties were normally given a $500 fine and two days suspension. The school simply couldn't afford to expel three douchebags, so hundreds of students left out of disgust.

God, but I fuckin' hate administrators. They're almost as bad as HR cocksuckers.

Anonymous said...

he has my vote, this guy should teach a course on how to deal w/ dependent idiots who think the world owes them everything.
" do what you gonna do but YOU WILL STAY OUT THIS DOORWAY!!!"
classic, samuel l. jackson could get acting lessons from darrien.

Spitty said...

I'll take inspiration from Aurini and just say we should make him God-Emperor of Atlanta. If the pile of money the public keeps throwing at him gets large enough he should be able to afford a robot army.

the dude said...

This guy is a damn hero on the weapons board of 4chan (/k/, if you wanna melt your brain). They even started a kickstarter fund to buy him some actual body armor.

Last I checked, it was over 17k.

Anonymous said...

I need to get a taser one of these days.