Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fighting Conservative Suicide and Depression

Mandatory viewing for any conservative or libertarian who is depressed and down about the future of the country.


stocktonseeker said...

good stuff, well said. the last few days i've been feeling pretty crappy about things, i think the latest proposed gun laws in ca really did it. not to get to sappy, but i feel like im not welcome in my own home anymore. we've been looking to get out of stockton once (if) the housing market goes up a bit, but for the first time we're looking to get out of the state. which sucks cause i like being near my family, but i know i do not have any opportunities here. kinda in limbo i suppose, thanks for the pep talk.

The Old Man in the Cave said...

Great upload, thank you for posting it.

James Wolfe said...

A friend of mine was laid off 4 years ago and because he's in his late 50's nobody will hire him. He's been in counseling and prescribed medication for depression, but there's no magical drug that will find you a job. He has managed to stay sane thanks to friends and family, by his faith, but also because he wants to see what the future brings, good or bad.

If you knew a meteor was going to strike the earth and kill everyone in a few weeks would you be a chicken shit and put a bullet in your head now or be a man and stand there and watch that tsunami pouring down with your eyes wide open? Why not just enjoy the decline? It's going to be pretty damn hysterical. We surely do live in interesting times.

Bob said...

Great podcast, Captain! VERY thought provoking!

Anonymous said...

I bought so many copies of "Enjoy the Decline" I probably arrested yours... it's great so far

Roberto Severino said...

I linked to this on Save Capitalism's website, but this animated industrial film is just as relevant now as it was back in 1948. It's what happens when we sell our freedom for something like "ism." I first saw these films in late 2011, and cite them as influences in how I made my own political and economic conversion to the right. It's one of the best animated defenses of capitalism, free enterprise, and markets that I've seen.

The other Cold War John Sutherland industrial films posted on this channel are excellent too and talk about stuff like the profit motive, etc. They are the first four videos listed.

Finally, here is "It's Everybody's Business" from 1954.

Thought these would cheer you up.

TommyDee said...

Great video blog today. This is the second week I have spent on your site, and this video helped kick my tail back on the Going Galt path.

I have the will to fight what is coming and where we are going, but the odds are stacked against those of us who want to fight. How does a country pay off $16.4T in debt? The country doesn't (at this rate and with this leadership).

The Statists have all the answers and altruism in the world, but they will find that their socialist utopia needs useful idiots like us who keep spinning on the hamster wheel, trying to make more money and keeping their state of utopia alive. is time to stop that and go a different path.

Great words about Talk Radio too. They are missing the new generation, who are flooding Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

Anonymous said...

This was supposed to cheer me up?

Ok, valiant effort.

But, jeez, I usually get along better just trying to blank it out.