Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment


Isn't it ironic her name is "Liz Jones?"

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James Wolfe said...

Number of false rape accusations: 11

Number of times begged guys for sex: 11

Number of guys she's had sex with: 0

Jennifer said...

And her attorney is 'Topliss'

Anonymous said...

You would have to pay me to choke her to death, let alone rape her. There's not enough Viagra in the whole world.

11 times? Just because no one wants to fuck a fatty, oh ye gods.

El Bastardo said...

Wow, with looks like that no wonder she makes allegations for attention. It was the only way to get her man back in her life.

Also it kinda reminds me of the psycho tests they give to determine if your are a psycho waiting to happen:

So a mother dies, and her two daughters bury her. One of the daughters sees this guy and finds him hopelessly attractive. Yet she is too afraid to talk to him, and he leaves before she can work up the courage.

How does she get him back?

Will check later to see if anyone answered correctly.

Black Poison Soul said...

@El Bastardo

Simple. She digs up her mother and re-buries her, so that the guy comes around again.

On-topic, this fat chick shows massive entitlement coupled with serious nutjob and a supermassive dose of hamsterbation. There needs to be a hunting season for these types.

Brian said...

Simple math: the number of false rape accusations is inversely proportional to the number of men who find desirable the woman in question.

Perhaps there should be a three-strikes law for false accusations. This young female would be serving a life sentence by now.

jso said...

tyranny against men by women, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is , if this were a guy, crying wolf calling the fire brigade out or whatever, the authorities would not have waited for the 16th time.

Anonymous said...

She made 11 false charges then gets jail time? Shows you how little they value men


ARoss said...

"Can't sleep fatty will eat me,Can't sleep fatty will eat me..." It's just gonna be one of those nights.

Nikoloz said...

Fantastic! Next time a Feminist calls for the re-authorization of VAWA, I'll register on their website just to post this one link and laugh at the ensuing shitstorm of denial and rage.

GregMan said...

@El Bastardo:

My guess is: kill her hister and hope he shows up for that funeral too.

Does that make me a bad person?