Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Weakness of the Leftist's Mind

The story is about a relatively privileged student, “Jun-sang,” at the time of the death of Kim Il-sung (North Korea’s “eternal president”). The death is announced, and Jun-sang finds that he cannot cry; he feels nothing for Kim Il-Sung. Yet, surrounded by his sobbing classmates, he suddenly realizes that “his entire future depended on his ability to cry: not just his career and his membership in the Workers’ Party, his very survival was at stake. It was a matter of life and death” (p. 98). So he forces himself to cry. And it gets worse: “What had started as a spontaneous outpouring of grief became a patriotic obligation … The inmiban [a neighbourhood committee] kept track of how often people went to the statue to show their respect. Everybody was being watched. They not only scrutinized actions, but facial expressions and tone of voice, gauging them for sincerity

Ah, the extents humans will go to ignore what their brain know is true to abide by an ideology they know is false.


Anonymous said...

Ha. Just try having a skeptical facial expression or tone of voice during mandatory diversity / environmental awareness / sexual harassment training and see what happens to you.

Marcos - Brazil said...

Captain, isn't this exactly the same process as political correctedness ?

PC is a marxist tool to make you agree with something that you find ridiculous, false or immoral. In this process, you lose your own self-respect, individuality and become easy prey for manipulation.

Anonymous said...

The insanity associated with this bastard's death is on display here if you need a refresher:

Look at the little hamsters at 0:47. REALLY? Your countrymen are starving and dying because this little shit, and THIS is how you act?

Yes....sad to say....we are forced to do the same circle jerk too. PC, diversity, harassment....Now we get into bullying. Christ, holding ANY opposing opinion is going to be grounds for punishment.