Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just Can't Let Boys Be Boys, Can You?

I was thinking about this, an instance where feminism is forcing itself on men in a social capacity, namely games.  And it dawned on me that if you follow this to its logical conclusion, it will not end well for feminists.  In other words, promise yourself all the financial aid, assistance, welfare and what have you, the one thing government cannot provide women is the non-financial rewards of live.

A Social life.

And the day is going to come when women realize that while socialism and feminism provide for their financial and political needs, neither will be able to provide for their social, romantic and familial needs.

My question is this:

Are women then going to demand the government force men to meet these social needs?  Are feminists that selfish and entitlement-mentalitied that they would dare to force men via the government to date, court, marry and socialize with women they really don't want to?  Or will they finally admit feminism/socialism (same thing) was nothing but a bill of goods sold to them to garnish their vote for abusive and self-serving politicians?  Because I got news for all the little ladies out there who think the government is the solution to all of their problems:

The day the government starts telling/forcing men to marry, date, court, let alone socialize with certain women is the day the guns come out, daddy comes home and you'll see where all the "real men" have gone and just what they think of you telling them to do with their lives.

Enjoy the decline!


Blake said...

Didn't Rome have the bachelor tax?

Also, there might be a different angle they take.

I remember a story I think I heard from a girlwriteswhat video.

She said a guy was on a virgin atlantic flight and he was seated (randomly) next to two teen boys he didn't know.

The flight attendant came by and told him he couldn't be seated next to the boys and had to move.

So she forced him to trade seats with a woman - a woman who ALSO didn't know the boys.

(And this was "company policy" btw)

So essentially it is OK to discriminate against men for the right reasons.

Here's the thing:

How can we socially rate a man's creepiness?

Single men who have never been married are the highest. While men who are married and have kids are the lowest.

So I can see them instituting some anti-single men laws... for the chiiiiiiiiiiiiildddreen

WhiteKnight said...

The link you had also referenced video games, which is of interest to me.

I don't know if you've played Fallout New Vegas, but there is an oddly large number of openly/semi-openly homosexual characters in-game for no obvious reason. Even two of the available companions are homosexual. I don't know if its anything worth complaining about, but it IS odd, especially because there weren't any in Fallout 3. The only explanation for the change that makes sense to me is political correctness.

Mark said...

Women really just want the alpha males but there's not enough alpha males for every female to have one. Women will continue to have the government extract money from the beta males they don't want to fund a welfare state that they rely on and will also continue to gripe and complain that the alpha males won't commit to them for long term relationships. Of course since there's so few alpha males and so many women it's impossible for every woman to get her long term relationship with one but we aren't dealing with very logical or rational people here.

Anonymous said...

Cappy, you've got to move on from the feminist topic. I'll wager that most of your readers are well aware that they are worthless cun_s and will agree with most of your arguments, so stop preaching to the choir. Let's tackle other topics more worthy of discussion such as almost anything else. :)

Anonymous said...


They (woman) will just want the govt. to subsidise their cats!

James Wolfe said...

Feminism is forever tied to socialism and consumerism and as such always has an effect on economics and the well being of men. So whether you're well versed in the nature of women or a newbie it's always relevant. I considered blogging about MGTOW but there are already enough great blogs out there to cover it. Now I just sit back and enjoy...

Anonymous said...


You think they won't force you to marry? I bet you this - they will force you to marry and you will quietly marry. This is how I think it'll happen.

Passage of :False Promises (avoidance) Act. Basically, if you made a promise to a girl to marry her, you HAVE TO MARRY HER. How does Govt know that you promised the girl? - Simple - girl has to swear in court. After all, girls dont lie about these things.

Take The Red Pill said...

No matter how much you tell them, modern feminist women refuse to accept the fact that they cannot force us men to love them, or hate us men into loving them.

V10 said...

Blake: "How can we socially rate a man's creepiness? Single men who have never been married are the highest. While men who are married and have kids are the lowest."

One of the things on my To Do list is to buy a cheap, tasteful men's wedding band to wear (particularly for the next time I need to go job hunting). Just a little piece of bling to send the proper social signals.

The manosphere has already commented at length about women and pre-selection; women like guys who are already taken.

It's also been noted that some businesses and corporations have a hard-on for hiring people who are married. Maybe they're on a social conservative family-values kick and they think marriage proves that you're a responsible and mature individual.

Or the more cynical analysis, that you're a slave, an indentured man. You've got a figurative ball and chain on you, a wife and maybe kids that require lots of money, meaning you're desperate and will take any shit they give you because you're too scared and/or broke to quit.

Slip the ring on and let it do the talking it needs to do. You don't even have lie. If anyone asks, "No, I'm not married." Full stop. If they press for details, "It's not something I like to talk about." Let them make their own assumptions. "Hey, he's got alimony and child support to pay, he's a keeper, we'll have him by the balls."