Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Speaking for Hours, But Saying Nothing

One thing that amazes me about Barack Obama (and to a lesser extent, most other presidents and politicians) is his ability to speak for hours but say absolutely nothing.  I never watched the "State of the Union Address" no matter who was president because when the president speaks, his speech is tailored for:
  • low information voters
  • the unintelligent masses
  • people who are not decided yet in their political beliefs
  • ignorant people
  • weaker minds

In short, it's aimed at about a high school level of maturity, intellect, and wisdom.  It simply wastes my time.

What gets me more, however, is that people actually fall for it.  Of course, this is explained above with the lower level of human that these speeches are aimed at, but I'm still amazed people don't see through it.

Regardless, Muskegon Pundit, has a piece about how the left runs circles around the right in getting their base riled up, mobilized and energized.  He is right, but only addresses half the formula. 

Yes, the left is better at it, but they have an easier job because their base has more of the qualities and traits bullet-pointed above than the right's.  Additionally, their message is an easier sell.  How hard is it to sell the "ice cream and cake" promises of socialism compared to the austerity "broccoli and you'll like it" capitalist realism?

In the end, yes the republicans could do more to improve their marketing.  But before they waste resources and time, they have to acknowledge it's a losing proposition or at least an uphill battle.  The republicans should be taking a much more harsh and stern approach with the American people, not trying to woo them.  Pulling the Lester Burnham, being the father who's had enough and puts his foot down.  The republicans should say, "to hell with you.  We're done.  We're voting with the left and crashing this system because you children are too stupid to see where this will lead.  We are going to make damn sure the left gets everything it wants and you'll see just how 'great' their ideas are."  In short, feed them so much cake and ice cream they throw up and beg for broccoli.


Anonymous said...

If you want to understand two words (politics, government), you need to watch and study a British comedy series from the 1980s.

Yes, Minister. (Later called Yes, Prime Minister, when the lead character was elected Prime Minister).

It was Margaret Thatcher's favorite TV show. And if the English language were a martial art, Sir Humphrey Appleby would be Bruce Lee. It is hands down the best written TV comedy (alongside Frasier) ever produced. Even Fawlty Towers pales compared to its genius.

Talk about politicians all you like, but if you wish to understand, you must study Yes, Minister.

Anonymous said...

Let It Burn.

Mike James

Bob Wallace said...

Leftists operate on emotion, not reason. And the Republicans have screwed themselves by deserting their white base. They can go to hell.

coolstud said...

He did dumb town his address, it was sad to see.

Roberto Severino said...

I detest both parties equally, period.

Sorry Cap.

Even if the GOP tried to act all Foghorn Leghorn with us, people will still prefer to eat ice cream en masse rather than broccoli or spinach, especially if the people see that it won't restrict upon civil liberties as much or that the party doesn't have so many toe tapping Larry Craigs and Todd Akins.

If I were you, I wouldn't even bother caring about this BS anymore. It's not worth it.

Anonymous said...


PeppermintPanda said...

After years of reading the internet I have come to the conclusion that the longer the message is the less information is in it; and this lesson translates well into the world of political speeches.

I think a person could express the state of the union quite clearly in a 1000 word document that is a mix of short paragraphs and bullet points with links; but at 10,000+ words it is more likely going to be a laundry list of talking points to appeal to political backers.

Anonymous said...

Severino is correct. The two-party system is a scam. Our system of electing public officials is an embarrassment. We'd be better off with purple fingers. Democrats are communists. Republicans are boneheaded, superstitious liars.

It's all a fucking scam.

This country needs a goddamned revolution. Big time.

Here's Judge Napolitano getting his own ass fired from Fox for telling the goddamned truth!

Wake up and smell the prison food.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's gonna happen, man. But I'm gonna have my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames, alright! Alright!

--Jim Morrison

Anonymous said...

I count myself conservative, but the Republican party has got to separate the religion from the rest of the message. Romney lost the election on womens rights. Here in Kansas many of my late 20s to early 40s friends and colleagues voted based on "women's rights" and planned parenthood. Guns money and race were all set aside on that one issue. As a party the gop must decide what's going to be the first priority.

Eric Mueller said...

I remember the first time I heard a "politician" talk. When I was in the Navy, in '94, on my first ship, we had a 3 star Admiral come on board to give us some talk or other. The guy talked for about an hour and took questions (a total of 3). Being the mid 90's, guys who had been in the Navy for a while still had a strong memory of the Philipines, so sure enough, some salty old guy asked the Admiral about the future of the Philipines. The Admiral spoke many words but there was no substance to them.

After we walked away, I asked a few of my friends if they got anything out of the Admiral's talk. I tried to listen closely, but walked away with a void in my mind where his speech should have been. Turns out I wasn't the only one, and that's when I learned how politicians operate.

I only half-assed paid attention to Admiral speeches since then. And I never tune into Presidential speeches.

Phil Galt said...

You ever been to a department meeting at a mega-corp have you?

The new manager (who lasted less than 2 years) missed the "Springtime for Hitler" reference.

Martel said...

Mockery. Mockery. Mockery. Those idiots are so damn easy to make fun of.

And it works.

Jim Riley said...

An additional challenge for my GOPers is message.
What the heck do they really stand for?!!!!!!
Gettin' out the message ain't all that goot ifn the message sorta smells.......ya got it?