Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Joe "Buy a Shot Gun" Biden

Priceless footage comparing (admitted ditzes) firing shotguns and women firing AR 15's.

My honest opinion is 9MM+ caliber pistol for a woman for home defense is probably best until she learns to shoot a shotgun.


The Conservative Sociologist said...

I would recommend getting a double-action .38 special, especially to women who are just starting out with guns. It's very simple mechanically and it's also easier to clean. Also, it's perfect for concealed carry because it doesn't have a hammer that can get caught on your clothes or on something in your purse- you have to mean it when you pull the trigger.

I've found with 9mm, they can be difficult to operate for a woman who isn't as familiar with guns. The slide can be difficult to work for people who don't have big, strong man hands and it's more complex to clean. I think it's better for women who are more experienced with guns.

Joe Biden is an idiot. It irks me that people like him, who clearly have no idea what they're talking about, give advice to mass audiences. Unfortunately, it happens everyday.

pchappel said...

In general, I'd agree with the revolver in the .38 range... But it is important to go with what she is comfortable with... My wife found the action on one of my old 1911's to be easiest for her to use, and since I started teaching her with the .45, the round itself was fine for her... Even the carbine sized weapons tend to be a bit unwieldy for folks not overly familiar with them, so the full sized shotguns ("hunting guns") are pretty much out for her...

Anonymous said...

Carbines (AR15s, etc.) clearly have the greatest capability as a weapon system for home defense (HD), but most people won't train enough with them to get proficient. Handguns are the most popular HD guns for many reasons, especially convenience.

I almost never recommend a shotgun for HD. Anything a shotgun can do in the HD role, an AR15 can do better. However, I'd rather have a skilled person at my side with a bolt action .22 rifle than an untrained person with an AR15.

For women – train them on a Glock 19 (9mm). If, and only if, they prove to be unable to handle that would I take the next step down and recommend a revolver.

Redneck Joe said...

Yes. A woman who can competently and consistently rack the slide of the Glock 19 properly is relatively uncommon. I would not recommend it unless she has experience and unusually strong hands. This is based on watching several try it with mine.
Of course some women will proclaim that they *can* do it. Sure, but with focus and determination they probably *can* also change a flat tire. That isn't the point.
.38 revolver^

Doktor Bill said...

I concur, .38 revolver is best for Things that go Bump in the Night. Not a fan of Glocks for the untrained; too many people put their finger on the trigger instinctually in a stressful situation, and that leads to A.D. ("The gun went off!!")

Kathy Shaidle said...

I thought I'd love 9mms but as one commenter said, they are a bugger to operate if you have small, weak hands. Whereas the .38 revolver was a breeze.

And love my shotgun -- got a 20 gauge youth compact Remington, smallest length of pull available. It still weighs a ton though.