Friday, February 15, 2013

Ladies' Night at the Cappy Cap Club

Versus Condito discovers one of my favorite movies "McLintock!"  But her analysis is a bit different than mine - "The women in this movie are stunningly beautiful and the leading men are wonderfully masculine."  So in other words, leftists will hate it.

Kate doesn't trust us Americans!  Well, Obama anyway.

Tam discovers faux scientists will do anything to create a problem that doesn't exist so they can study it and avoid real scientific work that may benefit society and the private sector.

Girls ARE better than boys at school.  Thankfully, school sucks.

Supply and demand of sex.  Well, we all knew it was this way, we just now have a study that proves it.

More proof artists, especially academic and leftists artists, make sh!tty art and architecture.

"She's got a great personality!"

Sorry, there's going to be some collateral damage ladies.  Don't take it personally.

New stories are being reported like this, Kathy.  Not in the MSM, but in the Manosphere, Conservativesphere and the new media.  It not only results in more truthful reporting, but better writing and more-entertaining news.

Correct, The Manosphere is not shallow.  Because we cannot be shallow.  We will be what we are programmed to be and what we prefer to be.  Deriding male nature as "shallow" is like lecturing the sky for being blue.


Everybody hates HR, Clarissa.  It's an affirmative action program for otherwise unemployable women.

I'll say it again for the cheap seats.  A disproportionate percent of women simply traded in their "housewive/mom" job so they could go and do THE EXACT SAME THING, just instead of it being tending their own children they:

1.  are taking care of other women's children and
2.  get to pay taxes on the income they are now earning
3.  while driving up the overall tax bill that needs to be paid because their other-women's-children-rearing is through the state

Judgy Bitch's original article.

Red Pill Wifey goes over some basics.

Meanwhile, in Academia.


Stingray said...

Thanks for the link love, Captain. I appreciate it.

Practice! Practice! Practice! said...

The biggest thing "holding boys back" in school is their home environment.

Most American boys are growing up watching their divorced or never married single parents trying to get laid.

Imagine how that f*cks with a child's mind?

Boys process that by acting out in class.

Single parenthood is bad enough, why add fuel to the fire with "single parent dating"?

But this is something totally lost on American parents.

Susan Walsh said...

Thanks for the link, CC. Great reading among the other links too.