Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Lost My Court Case

The Mayor has ruled AGAINST the Captain and all the minimalists out there.

I tried fellas, I tried.


jaericho said...

I dunno Cap., I think it was a good ruling. The 48hr rule applies to your own stuff, so I don't think you can apply it to someone else's stuff if you reverse it. I think you can apply it to your own stuff when you reverse it.

For example, I think this would work:
Her: Where is that shirt of your's I like?
Him: [49th hour of getting rid of ugly shirt] That's been gone ages ago.

(Wow, I haven't listed to GL in a long time. Who is this John character?)

Black Coffee said...

Another way of decluttering is to store redundant and ulesless stuff it in a labeled and dated box for a year. At the end of the year get rid of the box without opening it. If you actually need or want the item you can easily find it.

Anonymous said...

Went to the Wild game last night with the Rook and asked him about this. Nothing he could do was his reply. So, I tried, too!

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 326,

Thanks for the help, but help a brother out. Just GIVE HIM a copy of Worthless. Heck, I'll mail you a free copy!


Anonymous said...

Tyya's dad won't accept anything befitting at the collect - no ice cream, no sweetmeats, no cookies. But when the saleslady puts a assay sticker on Tyya's nose, Daddy is done overwhelming to buy something goodness