Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Why Minimalists Artists are Nothing More Than Talentless Lazy Communists

I intuitively knew that because of their horrible art, "minimalists" and modern day "artists" (heavy quotes) are nothing more than children looking for somebody else to pay them to make what can only be considered



LordSomber said...

Taking other people's money to make their "art," yet they still consider themselves "rebels."


PeppermintPanda said...

I would argue that the core problem with modern art isn't (necessarily) that there aren't enough talented artists and is really that the art community and government only support poor quality art; usually of a particular political slant.

I have known a few highly talented artists who may become (relatively) successful after their death but will probably be ignored through their life because they don't produce generic political art.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you often play at a fondness for jazz, and every time you do I think (and, I have played with and talked with some of the all-time greats) that, wow, whatever this guy knows about, he sure as hell knows fuck-all about jazz. And I think this post proves that.

Anonymous said...

I love banging artistic chicks who are on welfare. It's such a bargain.

Roberto Severino said...

Here's some real art for you. All the way back from 1947 and restored too. Beautiful animation and everything. I'm sure you might have grown up with a couple of these. You can tell that real men drew these and this isn't the phony ass Adventure Time/Fairly OddParents type of crap being made now.


I also really like this one from 1950.


Both of these were taken from Steve Stanchfield's Noveltoons Original Classics DVD. America really has been on a decline for decades so all we can really do is enjoy it and laugh at something great from the past.

Anonymous said...

They're just another form of parasite that should be exterminated.

spcphd said...

Hasn't minimalism been basically over for two generations? And, really, how many of them were there such that it caused such a pandemic of parasitism?