Monday, June 02, 2014

Che Marville - The Worst Possible Candidate Ever Created

Wow, from our Spaniard Agent in the Field.  He just found what is all honesty is the WORST qualified candidate for the Canadian parliament.


Works for a non-profit
Rides horses
Worked in HR
Has a worthless degree
Comes from a family of government workers
Never worked a real job
Makes Obama's speeches sound succinct, pointed, and purposeful.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the WORST possible candidate you could ever create, even with perfect lab conditions, Ms. Che Marville.


Doubting Richard said...

Don't forget the "blended family". Anyone who writes that in all seriousness in a biography is a certifiable leftie.

Rumbear said...

NDP is Canuckistans version of the Socialist Commie Bastards party. My uncle was an MP as an NDP for many years. Made for some good table discussions at the holiday gatherings.

Webley SIlvernail said...

She's the provincial NDP candidate in Oakville, not federal. And you left out the fact that she's named after Castro's murderer/torturer in chief, Che Guevara, which on its own should be enough reason for anyone with a functioning brain to vote for ANYONE ELSE.

black mamba said...

And the "Che" can't be a good sign.

liberranter said...

No doubt she's guaranteed a landslide victory.

Another real-world example of "why voting is evil."

Anonymous said...

And to cap it off her friggin' video starts without me tell it to.

I DESPISE websites that do that.

Anonymous said...

Social entrepreneur. Sheesh, eh?

Anonymous said...

She's a commie rat bastard leftie in an upper middle class western suburb of Toronto. LOTS of money lives in Oakville and they LOATHE the left there. She will come a very distant 3rd in June 12th Ontario provincial election - running for the NDP in Oakville is like running as a Democrat in Grosse Point, MI, or Lake Forest, IL.

Stretch said...

Dear Lord!
They didn't miss a single buzz word or cliche.

And what the heck is a "blended family?"

Bones said...

Cap, in the last Canadian national election, a female bartender with a French surname (who doesn't speak French) got on the NDP ticket in Quebec. She didn't campaign or vote, and was on vacation in Las Vegas when she found out the NDP had swept Quebec and she was elected to the national Parliament.

Her name is Ruth Ellen Brosseau. Not only didn't she campaign, she had never even been in her Riding (District).

Fidel said...

@webley - Her first name is actually Cheneyere. Sounds like a type of cheese.

Anonymous said...

I know the the elections are coming up in Brampton, and I have a feeling the NDP might take it.

I'd rather not vote, but feel like I might have to prevent them from winning, well try at least. They are more socialist than the liberals, and that's saying something.