Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Night Liebschens

All liberal and leftists roads lead towards Lierre Keith.  I ask a simple question of the leftist activists.  When it's all said and done...or heck, you're just Lierre's age, do you ever stop and say, "wow, I just pissed away my life?"  Or does that thought never occur to you?

That reality is a bitch.  Let's replace with with lies

Dow Jones 32,000....and based on his argument I can't disagree with him.

Now if Free Northerner would just write something deep and intricate involving economics, inflation, philosophy, morality, religion and logic.  You know, if just once he would do that AND make it interesting.  You know instead of all that other boring tripe he writes.


Southern Man said...

Hell, yes, let the Dow go up, up, and up! Much of my net worth is in my 403B and it'll be ten years before I can pull it out, so let the bulls run amok!

Goober said...

to ask of things not if they are true or false, or good or evil, but how they work.

I don't think that this is true. We don't care if they are true or false. We don't care if they are good or evil. We don't even care if they work.

We only care about how good they feel, and how they are perceived.

Socialism, for instance, is a false ideology, with evil results, and it doesn't work worth a fuck, but it sure FEELS good, so let's go with that!

Universal, governmnent-operated healthcare, anyone?

Kristophr said...

The DJI will go to infinity once the dollar crashes.

And that infinity will not buy a cup of coffee.