Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Real Threat of the Patent Office

Conservative talk radio is once again just like the Republican Party.

and apologetic

when it comes to the patent office reneging on the Washington Redskin's trademark.

"Oooo!!!  Ooo!!!  Gee Joe I don't know about that.  That 'MAY' lead somewhere!  Ooooo!  Oooo!!!  Slippery slope!"

Thankfully I'm not as spineless as they are and I don't care to be fake nice to the "party across the aisle" in the hopes they may someday reciprocate my politeness.

The truth is it was 100% an Obama appointee ideologue's move and it was done 100% for political purposes.

This, in it of itself, does not particularly wreak any damage.  Just a political hack with a government position abusing power.  However, because leftists are idiots and really don't understand economics, they have no idea just how much economic damage they've potentially caused in turning the patent office political -

What inventor or entrepreneur is EVER going to trust the patent office, let alone come up with a new invention ever again?

Oh, I know, I know, big companies and big Pharma and big chemical companies will still apply for their patents and copyrights, but the next Edison, the next Gates, the next Ford?  If they're conservative (or at least capitalists which they usually are) why should they trust the patent office now with their sweat and toil?

The true damage caused by this little political whining cry baby stunt is that a name that really only offends the professional offense-seekers has now completely undermined that concept of copyrights, patents, and intellectual property.

Enjoy that freaking decline.


Anonymous said...

Spot on, Cap...

Foolish Pride said...

"At least those nazi fascist racists can't denigrate native americans with that name anymore unless they want to lose money.

Lol, stupid 'progressives', not understanding the implications. What's new?

Anonymous said...

Do you think there is a takings clause suit potential? To invalidate an existing trademark seems like eminent domain to me. As such, they should be compensated at fair market value.

vandiver49 said...

Patent trolls are already stifling innovative and creativity, yet this is what the US Patent Office thinks is an important issue? Good to know the gov't has it's priorities straight.

leeholsen said...

Brilliant point !

This is why this place is a mandatory daily stop.

Kristophr said...

So, is the patent office going to blow off the American Nazi Party's trademarks as well?

Of how about the Republican Party?

These retards have no clue what kind of shitstorm they are playing with.

sth_txs said...

Captain, I stopped wasting my time with the Republican Party over a decade ago. Other than one or two outstanding individual like Ron Paul, what does the party ever offered? They always pay great lip service to less government and taxes, but when has it happened?

Unknown said...

If there's no patent, that means anybody can use the name, right? People should start using "Redskins" for everything.

Jake said...

I never really liked the patent office. The patent office creates nothing but patent trolls that are constantly looking to monopolize on ideas and prevent everyone else from using or making money on patent ideas. This is why nothing new is being created and business can't profit. So long as the patent office exist individuals and businesses will be prevented from creating and innovating anything. The patent office PREVENTS INNOVATION AND CREATION by giving patent trolls power over ideas. So I say to you all ABOLISH THE PATENT OFFICE once and for all.

Anonymous said...

In the words of an inventor and engineer, a patent is worse than a waste of money and time. It brings nothing but problems and headaches.

There are 3 reasons to get a patent:
1. Picking up chicks... Hey baby, I got 3 patents.
2. Venture capitalists want you to have one.
3. You are a patent troll (and if you are, please remove yourself from the earth)

Don Lancaster has had a prize forever for any single inventor with a patent success story.

Anonymous said...

wreak = reek.