Monday, June 23, 2014

That's a Total Nazi Move

An update about the International Conference on Men's Issues where feminists and college students have made attempts to shut it down.  I won't be attending, but they have moved venues and consequently have more seats available.

My only editorial on the whole thing is a simple one because it is that simple - the left hates the freedom of speech.  And every day lefties better stop focusing on free Obama Phones and student debt forgiveness and instead start focusing on true, blatant, and obvious signs of evil within their ranks.


Anonymous said...

Aaron, have you read the recent article on return of kings:

Great reading material. A whole load of truths mentioned in the comment section

Kristophr said...

The left in the US has been acting like a bunch of little nazis ever since FDR embraced Fascism in his New Deal.

Somehow this is not very shocking.