Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Marksman's Box

A year ago I headed out west for my annual South Dakota trip.  I was invited to visit a reader out in Wyoming.  He was an older man, but he was a skilled man because when he showed me his little shop (which was an abandoned gas station) he showed me "The Marksman's Box."

It was one of those things that was so simple in design that it was brilliant.  It is basically an ammo box, a strap of which you use to sling it over your shoulder or just carry.  However, the way the top opens suspends the strap in midair just above the box allowing you to lay the barrel of your gun down using it essentially as a firing platform.

I've been meaning to link to the poor guy for the past year, but then ended up working on various other projects.  It wasn't until recently I rediscovered the pictures from that trip did I frantically realize I forgot.

Anyway, he isn't a sponsor because he isn't paying me, but he was a heck of a nice guy with a heck of a nice idea.  please consider purchasing one if you're looking for something to carry ammo as well as to help your aim.

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Goober said...

That’s what backpacks, rocks, stumps, and logs are for. Who the fuck wants to carry a goddamned ammo can around with him all over the hills?

It is a bad habit to practice shooting using a method that you aren’t going to use in the field. Unless you’re planning to schlep that ammo can with you on your next elk hunt, may I suggest you bring the backpack you’re going to be wearing with you and use IT for your rest? Or find a log? Or bring a log with you?

And practice kneeling, offhand, and sitting, while you’re at it?