Wednesday, June 04, 2014

How to Recover from a Worthless Degree

My latest piece up at Return of Kings goes into detail about what to do if you got a worthless degree and how to best salvage your live after it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Captain!

Sorry to be anon for now. But that is a very interesting education news.

Glen Filthie said...

I agree with everything but self employment Captain. That is just plain bad advice.

Consider: anyone that invests in a worthless degree has problems doing proper research and evaluating risk/reward scenarios. Putting people like that into a business setting they don't have the skills for is setting the stage for bigger failure. The successful small business man is an extrovert like you - he isn't afraid to approach and meet new people, or speak in public, or present to clients. These are skills some are born with. The rest of us have to learn them and to do that on the fly...? Well...that's like parachuting new grads into complex positions without being willing to train them. I would tell the kids to be persistent instead. There ARE jobs out there. There ARE guys like me around who WILL train. The work may not be glamorous or related to your degree...but good jobs and good people are not always where you expect to find them. Be flexible.

Anonymous said...

@ Glen Filthie

That's not true, a lot of small businesses are dependent on or run by introverts ... extroverts are better at sales, but introverts do a better job, in general.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I read the article, and it's great!

One thing I don;t understand though, is why you are advising people to pay back their student loans at all?

They kinds are young, they don't own any property to repossess, they don't own houses that can be liened, can't get a decent paying "on-the-books" job anyway so don't have to worry about garnishment, the biggest threat is they will take the SS money at retirement, which will not be there for these kids anyway. Ruining their credit means that can't do stupid shit like buy an expensive car and or house away and be forced to live responsibly, so, why pay them back at all?

Just don't do it.

Anonymous said...

Aww Cappy, you're so nice to people when you post on ROK, haha.

Grizzly said...

"The first thing to do is to realize your situation really isn’t your fault. "

Not really. I find it hard to sympathize with people who didn't do their due diligence and find out what they can do with a particular degree. 30 minutes worth of reading hits from Google would give you all the information you need, such as average earnings and job openings for people with a certain degree. 20 years ago that would have been a different story, but for a generation that was born into the Internet they should have thought to do some basic research.

Slobodan Blazeski said...

Great post Captain. Whoever says that we need more college graduates reminds me of.

Richard North said...

Ahoy capn'

Worthless degrees have a few important advantages though:

1) they leave more time for social and networking events which are hyper-influential in the quality of job you get



for movin on up!

2) they usually mean finishing school earlier and often with a higher gpa - this gives the new grad more time in the work force learning "real skills" and establishing himself at a company.

Seriously, sometimes I think it's better to take an UBER easy degree and then get certified in something after you graduate. These days it's all about certifications / licenses rather than the old-fashioned "degree"!