Monday, June 16, 2014

Lastest Clarey Podcast

Advanced apologies from the road because I was driving to visit my dad for father's day.  So if you're against this podcast you're against father's day and you're evil and hate all fathers.

No, actually, you aren't.  You just don't like marginal audio quality.

Still, in this latest podcast:

How the Mighty Morphin POwer Rangers are Creepy
How the National Park Rangers in Glacier National Park are Hippie Nazi's you can ignore
Not regretting having children
And the amazing absence of black people in horse racing


in this totally non-racist, non-horse-a-phobic, non-Might-Morphins-Power-Ranger-Anti-Pedophiliac episode of The Clarey Podcast!

(Archives can be found here!)


Anonymous said...

I would be very interested to hear your comments on the inflation post of this blog.

Torgo said...

"You can't beat Bugs Bunny"

Spot on, Capn.

"I demand that you shoot me now!"