Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Roadside Linkage

The Captain's Prayer.

IQ by major and gender.  aka "Math is tough.  How do I math?  WHY IS THERE A WAGE GAP DAMNIT!!!!????"

"Math is Tough" part 2


Grey Enlightenment said...

Not too surprising, STEM jobs require a high IQ and also pay more. This is more evidence IQ has become the most important determinant of success in today's economy.

Borepatch said...

That "Math is tough" post is pretty astonishing. The problem statement is that only 20% of CS degrees are awarded to women, and *everyone* gets all Serious and Thinky For Real You Guys while the graph shows multiple majors where men are only awarded 20% of the degrees. Nobody talks about those.

The fact that this isn't (and probably can't be) discussed at the Academy tells you everything that you need to know about the Academy.

Kristophr said...

STEM may not even save you, with the third-worldization of the US.

Get a trade as well.

Anonymous said...


TL;DR - What certificate should I pursue if it costs me nothing.

I've enjoyed reading your blog. And yes, I've already bought your books. Maybe I should send this to the Asshole Consulting side of your business but I think it has implications for your wider audience. You've advised people in the military to shut up and stick it out for good reasons. However, there's a benefit that is typically underused in the military where you can receive a certificate with a varying cap, but its around $5,000. What would you recommendation as far as a course of certificate study. I know you're big on the trades. Maybe you could break it down by useful vs useless or maybe even include another category of fun certificates.

Take care and happy travels.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm … 30 years ago philosophers were at the top of the heap.

The order by IQ is also the order by fun. Physics and astronomy are lots of fun (hard fun), maths also but less so, philosophy maybe, engineering definitely but with boring patches (in which you learn all the different gauges and thread sizes) , resistor codes and varieties of stainless steel.

Plumbing around in someone's guts is not much fun (that's medicine) and in their invariably messy and dull lives even less so (social work).

Anonymous said...

If you want to get depressed or simply laugh at the stupidity of the opposite sex, read the comments section of olson's blog.

It's reeks of PC/MC garbage that would make choke a maggot.

The harpies are going batshit crazy and trying everything to rationalize why women aren't attracted to STEM fields.

Could it be that intelligent males are predisposed to these fields and it shows up at a early age with no prodding in many cases?

Most didn't need teachers or schools to handhold them or social promotion to feel good. They simply learned the material.

Some blame the men for keeping them down and stupid, intimidated.

Then come the crazy talk that their is no biological difference between men and women. That's a hoot. You know the harpies saying this spent a lot $$$$ getting indoctrinated to say stupid things like that. Really sad.

After reading the female comments, I'm glad I'm over 50 and don't have to deal with the nasty harpies you younger guys do. They make celibacy look attractive.