Friday, June 27, 2014

Durrrrr... Why is Tuition So High???

You idiotic leftist college students deserve nothing more that what you bring upon yourself.


Dutch Matous said...

Anyone who thinks this is too high doesn't understand how academia works:
1) First, this is law school, not college. Different ball game.
2) Second, you get paid based on scholarship, not how many classes you teach. It is based on how much your "name/reputation" brings to the school.
3) You are paid by the law school, not students, and the MARKET determines how much you get paid. Not journalists or bloggers.

Once tuition reaches the point that students are unwilling to pay it, then the cost will come down. Nothing else matters.

Anonymous said...

In the internet age, why does anyone need to PAY for education? Just google it, learn it and do it.....if you have the motivation.

Anonymous said...

Students ARE unwilling and unable to pay for college. That's were financial aid, loans, and gov funding comes in.

Get rid of all of those and find out what students are willing to pay.

Also get rid of the propaganda about college and kids will pay even less.

If a company lied to stock holders the way the prez lies about college, people would be in jail.