Monday, June 23, 2014

Why People Hate Mike Rowe

Because he's a real man and holds men to real standards.

And that makes all the little pansified, PC boys' panties get in a bundle.


Steve Parker, M.D. said...

Story says a lot about liars, I mean lawyers, too.

Peregrine John said...

Does anyone actually hate Mike? The female equivalent of him would be hated by 98% of all women, but we don't do things the same way on planet Man. Yeah, he's pretty much got it all together, topped off with a genuine and gracious personality that makes panties audibly hit the floor, but that makes him someone we want to be like. Yeah, the pathetic man-children of political correctness likely furrow their brows and scratch their neckbeards when he appears, representing everything they try to tell themselves doesn't really matter. But we of the functional gonads recognize decent manliness when we see it, and, instead of wanting to harm or marginalize him, would much rather have a beer with him and swap stories.

Kristophr said...

Move to Wyoming and then post the photo.

No lawyer in this state would take the case, since they know they would never collect.

Chris said...

That guy either wasn't a lawyer or wasn't a very good one... In any sort of defamation case in the US, Truth is considered an absolute defense. Upon showing the video, a summary judgement in the defendants favor will almost certainly occur.

Plus, in order to file the individual will have to admit that the image is them. That makes a shoplifting charge pretty much a guaranteed conviction - not that it means a whole lot, but "Hmm, I can't win the civil suit PLUS I will get slapped with a fine and maybe some community service." OR worse if the miscreant happens to have been on parole or something.

Anonymous said...

>>The first guy in line called me a “modern day Torquemada,” which I took as a compliment. "

Ok, Now I really, really LOVE MIKE ROWE

Eric Mueller said...

Mike Rowe rocks.

Plus, I'm not sure of his actually political affiliation, but it's refreshing to see a celebrity who isn't reflexively leftist on every issue. He really comes across as an honest and decent guy.