Monday, June 23, 2014

The Clarey Podcast - Crotch Rocket to the Bakken Oil Field Episode

The Captain's girlfriend spots a tornado at work today...while he still has yet to see one
Taking a crotch rocket to the Bakken Oil field,
Racial slurs between male friends as a means of showing affection,
The problems with success,
Listener e-mails

and MORE

in this episode of The Clarey Podcast.

(You can find the archive here)


Kristophr said...

You can't give financial advice, but you can tell people what you are doing.

One ounce of silver will always be able to buy a week's worth of rice and beans.

I suggest 1000 ounces ... two treasury monster boxes of one ounce coins. And money spent on precious metal is never a waste. You can always convert it into fiat currency nearly instantly.

Karl said...

Ditto - Kristophr above. An ounce of silver is equivalent to a week of food. An ounce of gold = a year.

Another great podcast. Thanks for sharing your struggles at finding things to do in your post-corporate self-sustaining life. I almost cried! I look forward to hearing your solution, as I hope to have those same problems someday.