Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When Sons Won't Listen to Their Fathers

A humbling review of Bachelor Pad Economics where the father bought his son the book, but can't get that damn horse to drink the water.

Don't worry, poverty will cure that.


Kristophr said...

Pay him $50 per chapter to write a book report on the first 5 chapters, after he has been kicked out on the street for a year.

Sometimes you have to get the carrot out to get the stupid donkey to move his ass.

Sanelity said...

Thanks for the link Cap'n!

Take The Red Pill said...

"...Don't worry, poverty will cure that."

Just as long as Dad has the cojones to kick the b*st*rd out of the house and into the street where the little sh*t belongs.
Hunger has a way of sorting out one's priorities.
(BTW, a lot of privileged princesses could benefit from the same treatment -- "Equality", you know.
And yes, I know -- the b*tches don't want THAT much "equality". Still...)

just some guy said...

Reading the book is essentially a red pill exercise and the pill isnt that easy to swallow. The best advice for dad is to pay the kid to write a report on key chapters or even better pay him to read chapters and then discuss them over beer or coffee ("so the old man can be sure you really read them.")