Thursday, June 05, 2014

Money Isn't Evil. It's Just Human Time


Peregrine John said...

It's liquid power. Nothing else. A commodity at its most quintessential. Power is the ability to make something happen, so long as it's in the right application. Money, electricity, momentum, etc. Money's what humans use by way of negotiated agreement: you apply the transfer of dollars (as opposed to, say, electrons) and something happens.

leeholsen said...

"Money Isn't Evil. It's Just Human Time"

Second that. The left is trying to sell people that they'll have more time to pursue their desires with "free healthcare" now. when's the last time you heard a really good guitarist or painter playing for themselves or filling their houses with their paintings ? never. they want to sell their wares for as much as possible, just like any business person; so they can drive a porsche to pick up new strings or paint instead of taking the bus. about the only non-evil people i know are missionairies that give up some portion of their lives to benefit others and are often rejected or killed in the process.

Dave said...

If some clueless prog tells me money isn't important, I say, try living without it sometime.

If they say money is evil, I ask, do you have money? If yes, give it to me. If not, be glad, because if money is bad, not having money is like not having cancer.

hhmmss = $ said...

Reminded of this Gary Larson cartoon:
"Einstein discovers that time is actually money"

Kevin Lepp said...

It's a problem with the USA period tbh. Ever wonder why Canada, our closest neighbor in not just location but all things is such a better country in regard to ... Well everything? In this case crime? (But feminist women via the same means) Because we pump pump pump the drama here via the news the media etc. drama and fear is all you see on the news and the sheep eat it up. Well that and we didn't finish Lincolns planned repatriation after he died.

Modern women (feminists) make me sick. They're delusional men in women's bodies. They hate their gender and won't be happy until they.... Well nm they'll never be happy. I married the smartest most independent woman on the planet and yet she knows she's a woman and doesn't see herself as a victim in any way shape or form. As such she doesn't support feminism as she understands the complicated concept that men and women are different and have different strengths, weaknesses, wants, needs, and that its okay.

I've never hit a woman... If I ever do I can gaurantee it will be a feminist. quote me on that.