Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Evening Constitutional

Fat tatted up self-absorbed crusader goes on a crusade because...well...she's got nothing better to do.

El Capitan de Espanol!  I was looking for somebody to translate.

College degrees per capita.

Self-sufficiency is better than a college degree.  But don't tell professors and their spoiled veal-like suburbanite princes and princesses that.

Oh, just NOW you realize Americans are stupid?

Ghostbusters, 1774 America, and some zingers on Obama.

Uh ohhhh!!!!  Google has no problem hiring people without degrees!  Oh noezies!!!!!  What are the edukated childrenz of Ameriku suppozed to doo?

Speaking of stupid.

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Chris Muir said...

Thank ya,Cap'n! May the Motorcycle Gods grant you more,newer bikes!