Tuesday, June 17, 2014

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

To give context, I was in all good faith attempting to get this kid to at least RETHINK attending law school.  Alas, this is what happens when you try to introduce reality into the Millennial's Dream-World built up by politicians, aloof parents, and an education industry desperate to rip them off of their money.

It's instances like this that makes me happy to hear the never ending news stories of (typically) leftists students getting crushed and their lives crippled by student loans.


Anonymous said...

Don't much care if some dick wants to be a dickhead. He'll learn to regret it eventually.

Now to the really important stuff, you are often seen with a fat cigar in your hand, what brand do you prefer?

Derrick Bonsell said...

What a crybaby.

"How dare you doubt me, wahwahwah."

Anonymous said...

What a butthurt little bitch boy.

I wonder if he will try to use that technique to argue in front a judge or jury?

I wonder if he will stamp his little foot and shake his tiny fist at the jury and demand that they find in his favor, because he has always "dreamed" of winning a big case.

Hey child-man: You are not cut out to be a lawyer. I think you should consider being a feminist agitator. You seem far better equipped for that.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, let's keep close tabs on him so we can watch him as he suffers under crushing debt.

That will be fun.

Wait- little punk-kid: PLEASE go to law school. PRETTY PLEASE!!!

I want to watch your arrogant little self learn the humiliating lesson you so richly deserve.

Laughing at ya,


Anonymous said...

I am always amused to hear youngsters talk about "the only dream they ever had" or their "career". They haven't lived long enough to make their "dreams" important. a few years from now, they will have totally different dreams.

On the plus side, despite a market glut, there will be some new lawyers hired in the next few years. This guy might be one.

Anonymous said...

I tried to help some guy the other day by telling him to major in something useful and specific (I suggested accounting or something STEM) instead of some worthless business major. He wouldn't have any of it because he wanted to believe that companies only hire business managers to be managers. He honestly believed that if you learned a specific skill in something difficult and useful you can never ever progress within a company. It was hilarious and pathetic. The dude wanted to drink the poison flavor-aid.

I ended up telling my co-worker, who saw this, that I shouldn't have tried to advise this guy because he was a moron.

Anonymous said...

Well, if it makes you feel better, I appreciate your work. I'm in my junior year pursuing a B.S. in Industrial Technology.

liberranter said...

The misery of actually BEING a lawyer (as Tucker Max wrote about several months back, it ain't life as Perry Mason or Clarence Darrow), combined with crippling student loan debt and shitty job prospects will have this deluded little dickhead yearning to flip burgers within a few years, which he might very well wind up doing anyway. To echo the sentiments of a few others here: go ahead, boy - go right on and finish law school.

Anonymous said...

Giving away advice for free again eh Aaron? Remember, "Society is divided into two classes: the shearers and the shorn. We should always be with the former against the latter" as Talleyrand said.

Who the Hell was Talleyrand you say? Well, he was a high French official before the French Revolution, took a little vacation in the US during the Revolution (on a walking tour he gave Bellefonte PA its name), became foreign minister under Napoleon, and I believe was something important under the post-Napoleonic government.

In short, Talleyrand was a man who understood how the world functioned.

Kristophr said...

Anon 5:11:

Accounting is a math major, and is therefor a STEM job. Although a lot of accountants get goatroped into office management by cheap-assed small businesses.

anne spence said...

Not just the 'first career' guy, or 'kid', as you refer to him, but I was being drawn to L. School, as m. second-career choice. [After early retiring], employment law, discrimination, esp. age-discrim. law [the last - ['in society', that is, bastion or 'taboo'[of speaking too much abt. it, too much, in the media, as it has been stated in varied commuications throughout the yrs.] Yes, that 'sets m. on fire', 'gets m. blood going, boiling'. [excuse] So, I think some people can follow 'their desires' in the second career stage, and don't have to be driven purely for 'financial necessity'. That's the beauty of it, it's almost a non-issue. Not having to 'chase ambulances', etc., etc., just non-chalantly cruise along, with a smile. And do what you feel you're drawn to, to battle, etc., and like a lot. [Depending, of course, if you've prayed abt. it, and it happens - that's the best part. Or, if it doesn't, you sacrifice that desire 'upon the altar', so to speak. Whatever is to be, as you yield ... that's the key.] Anyway - Aaron C., 'what's a STEM job'. I thought I heard you referring to 'that word', bec. that's another fascinating field 'stem cell research'. [pt. 1]

Anonymous said...

What an asshole you are Aaron!!!

You should be telling him to follow his heart and the money will follow.