Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How 90210 Drove Gen X Women Insane

Or something to that effect:

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Malcolm said...

Good video. One difference of opinion, though. At 16:00, you said that you should have told her that you "don't do crazy". I disagree with that. Think of bad behavior (along with tattoos, bastard children, etc) as something like orange safety cones, warning you against a hazard. Telling her WHY you won't see her again WILL NOT change her attitude. It WILL help her to deceive the next guy, playing her evil role to better effect.

In short, as a man, as a Good Neighbor, never move those warning signs, as the next guy would like to know about her dysfunction.

Never move the orange safety cones! Don't tell her why she is off your prospect list. DON'T MOVE THE CONES!