Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Day Constitutional

Over nice and under laid.

Just another nail on the coffin on the radio industry.  I don't think anybody is going to be shedding a tear watching the East Coast publishers, West Coast recording studios, and all the other "elitists" who determined what kind of media would be published or not.

Picking up girls in a Lamborghini without talking (moths to the flames, boys.  Moths to the flames)

How white males can claim the benefits of diversity - claim you're gay.

An interview with a man who does other people's homework for a living.

The Black Brigade has another damn fine podcast, BUT this time replete with incredibly Barack Obama impersonation. Also, they recap the Iraqi situation that I'm too lazy to look up.


Anonymous said...

It's ballsier to try to "pass" as whatever race you happen to feel like that day. But most leftist employers still, deep down, prefer self hating white dweebs more than anyone. They prefer them more than "racists" prefer competence!

They want people who can go through the diversity motions and then completely ignore them when the doors close. Sociopaths have more appeal than jokers who pretend to be gay.

Anonymous said...

The gay and even the American Indian angle works well in academia, especially if you act the part well.

I've met so many American Indians who were fat, white and balding it's not even funny.

Corporate America not so much - unless they have government contracts. That's the key, if they do Federal contracts, you're in like flint.

In pure private sector, advertising and animation are big employers of gays. But you need talent in those right off the bat. Bullshit just gets you in the door.

That said, it helps if you're a sociopath. It makes the acting just that more real.

kurt9 said...

How white males can claim the benefits of diversity - claim you're gay.

I laughed when I first read this! Its a good point although I'm not sure I feel comfortable going there.

Anonymous said...

I was just waiting for the Army to pick up on that while I was in. No proof required. Even being married to a woman can't discredit the claim. But I retired before they turned over that rock.

Anonymous said...

Had Elliot Rodger been driving this car, would it have worked ?

Instead of a Lamborghini, what if it was Dwayne Johnson riding a rusty, old car wreck ?

It would be fun to make this Lamborghini experiment with different parameters. Such as undesirable nerd in a Lamborghini VS super Dwayne Johnson in an undesirable car.

My bet is that if the guy is not hot, the car will not make the difference.