Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why Men Don't Want to Have Children

In response to this article where the old broad is just "so confused" as to why none of her sons want children:


Peregrine John said...


Heh, heh.

Nate w said...

Lets be honest here. My personal child support payment to my ex wife is $1500/mo. My personal alimony payment to her is $2250/mo. Due to the fact that all 50 states are "no-fault" when I found her in bed with another man I couldn't even MENTION that in the divorce court room. F%^& marriage, women have turned it into a joke. I think there was a time when it was valid, just not since no-fault divorce was invented.

Matt said...

The author of this article was previously in an "open relationship".

This may have had an impact on her children's views of parenthood

kurt9 said...

The woman is a moron. She thinks its nothing more than the avoidance of the fertility clock in the women. That the only reason why young men don't want to have kids is because the women have been told that they can "have it all". The notion that a young man might not want to have kids for any reason other than a lack of knowledge about a woman's decline in fertility is completely beyond the comprehension of the woman who wrote the article.

Doug Cranmer said...

After a few physical assaults I knew there was no possibility of having children with my ex. I would never expose my child to the possibility of her harming them. I stuck around for another year or so and then that was it. That was 25 years ago. Never met a woman I'd ever really trust again.

Anonymous said...

I think its fine if other guys don't want children.

That means less competition for my descendents.

98abaile said...

Much more succinctly:
The people who ruined the world, now want me to have overly expensive kids that an over privileged woman can take away from me at my over the top expense, aided by an oversized government that will then force them to be indoctrinated by the overly self-righteous ideologues of academia, just so they can ruin the children too.

Fuck everything, it's a mug's game and I'm staying out of it.

Grizzly said...

I decided not to get married or have kids back when I was in high school, which was the mid-90s in a wealthy and conservative area of Southern California. I didn't know that much about alimony and child support at the time--it was something else that did it for me.

Probably 9/10 of my friends' parents were divorced. 2/3 of those kids were perfectly fine in elementary and middle school, but by high school they had behavioral problems and drug habits. You know what the "gateway" drug was for every kid in the mid-90s? Ritalin--it was easier to get than weed because it was perfectly legal, and more plentiful than alcohol because shrinks handed that shit out like candy on Halloween.

These kids were using so many drugs because they weren't getting any happiness or structure at home from their parents and the organizations that parents enroll their kids in, and so the drugs and the druggie friends were a substitution for both of those. I was in Boy Scouts for 10 years, and lo-and-behold hardly any of those kids had behavioral and drug problems. The Scouts with divorced parents were far better off than other kids, because the Scouts provided that masculine structure they lacked at home.

Moms were somewhat younger back then than they are today, so they were still decent-looking enough to go get tons of cock, and they did that instead of paying attention to their kids. The dads who didn't have custody barely saw their kids and so they couldn't influence them. Dads got custody more often back then, and so they went and chased tail instead of paying attention to their kids.

So, that's why I decided not to have kids. It fucked up the lives of all my friends, I didn't have the heart to do that to any kids I would have had.

leeholsen said...

i still want to have kids, but i am very clear on what i'll accept for a woman wanting to do that. there will be a pre-nup that starts extremely low and builds over time(no reason i should just give 1/2 away because some said yes to me but no to saving a dime of their own money) and greatly benefits me like i get an easy divorce even if she just turns into psycho-bitch unless i do something extremely stupid like become a drug addict. oh, and we're also living on a budgetand eating in most nights and the kids are reading more than playing any games. kids being born today will be competing with the world for jobs and being the best gamer will guarrantee you are a fry cook in the future.
now, these women are extremely hard to find and its most likely i'll have to go foreign but there's no reason i should have to pay for the cultural decline of women, i pay enough for the decline of thecountry as it is.

Anonymous said...

Because of the female supremacist hate movement - AKA feminism, men have been devalued, disregarded, disrespected, attacked, shamed, and taxed to death for decades. There is not much of our blood left. Feminists have, through legislation, demanded the governments to cater to their every whim. Politicians will do anything to get the female vote from passing discriminatory laws to destroy men - think affirmative action and the violence against women act, to publicly ridiculing men - think Barak Obama's infamous "Fathers Day speech" from a few years ago. Obama, when running for second term publically remarked "Women are more intelligent than men, that's why they vote democrat." Imagine if the words men and women had been reversed in that statement, there would have been a mushroom cloud of outrage. Politicians, media, and corporations will in no way do anything that may remotely offend women. Even women who aren't feminist activists have been brainwashed into believing women are oppressed by the "patriarchy," all men are rapists, men have achieved solely because of their gender and not because of hard work, then of course there's the imaginary "wage gap." In short women are superior to men, if it wasn't for the male gender all would be utopia, power should be taken from men and given to women, and men are assumed guilty and regarded as criminals from birth simply because of their gender. Society has attacked us and shamed us for being men, yet we are still expected to be the quiet complacent, dutiful drones who serve, provide, protect, and die for women without a peep of discontent. Bring sons into this world? I think not.