Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Daddy's Little Princess Syndrome

I will be coming out with another video ripping apart all the "fathers" that brought up and sent forth their spoiled princesses into our dating ranks back in the day and highlighting the destruction they caused, but in the meantime, I think it's about high time we define and explain some of the risks of bringing up a "Daddy's Little Princess"


Glen Filthie said...

You don't understand fatherhood in the modern day, Aaron. Let me give you a few pointers about the job:
Today's teachers and most parents can't tell the difference between a spanking and a beating. The Enlightened Parent uses 'time outs' and verbal chastisement to discipline their kids. If you DO spank your kid you will have people calling you a child abuser. As you can see from all the "princesses" out there, the results are obvious.
If you insist that your kid meet and exceed grade level education requirements you will be seen as strict and mean. Most liberals and stupid people don't understand how utterly pathetic public education really is.
Finally, if you have any liberal in-laws - they will consider it their duty to undermine you as a father - as will the teachers at school. The baby boomer fucks are the worst for this. They grew up loose and easy where anything goes and figure their kids and grandkids can too. They are all for slack schools, slack parenting and no discipline. (Any education is GOOD education, dontchya know!!!) They have no clue what it will take to live in this world after the decline, as most of them are sheltered children themselves.
Goddammit. I pushed my daughter when others would have made excuses for her. I held her to higher standards when no one else would. Under my coaching I had her doing basic algebra in grade 7 and introductory calculus and differentiation in grade 10. She snoozed through high school with honours. I was scolded, admonished and mocked the whole way through. I didn't care; when she was admitted to university I nearly burst with pride when she signed up for the sciences.
Then disaster struck. She met a bunch of other spoiled brats in university and she rebelled. When she dumped the sciences for fine arts I flipped - but was shouted down by the in laws: 'she has to follow her dreams and the money will follow!' they proclaimed. Then she announced she was gay and that as a staunch social conservative - I would have to accept her and her ugly girlfriend as my moral and intellectual superiors or FOAD. They would tell me what I could say and think, what jokes were funny and which weren't, etc.
That was 5 years ago, and I haven't seen her since. Nor do I think I want to - I heard she lives with a bunch of other hipsters in some dump in BC and that she works as a bicycle mechanic. You can just imagine my fatherly pride.
My advice to young men today is to avoid fatherhood at all costs. Today's society sees the father as an unhealthy, unwholesome influence on the child and our laws reflect it. For those of you with young daughters today - distance your child from liberal influences or you WILL regret it. Even so, you are in for a world of hurt.
If you are looking for your next book project, Aaron - here it is: A Manospherian Approach To Fatherhood. If you think young men have it bad, you should see what young fathers face. It was bad for me 30 years ago and today the job is impossible.

Dave said...

Glen, you could be describing my sister, top of her high school class, majored first in science then English, lesbian (for a while), bicycle mechanic, and now a childless over-40 feminist who stocks shelves at the village co-op.

That could be my eight-year-old daughter too, so I'm taking four precautions: homeschooling, no college, minimal contact with aforementioned aunt, and marriage at the earliest legal age.

College is a cross between Mexican brothel and Cuban indoctrination camp. My daughter can always read books and explore Wikipedia if she hungers for knowledge. She could even exchange e-mails with real scientists -- many would love to discuss their work with curious laypersons.

Anonymous said...

Some Dump in BC? where would that be Leftist Hipster Mecca of east Vancouver? commercial drive?

Just asking as I lived in BC for 30 years

Blaximus said...

Wow Glen, that's a horrible story you got there.

I am a Dad, and I have 2 daughters, no princesses to be found. I spanked them when they were young(er) to establish myself as the ULTIMATE disciplinarian, just as my father spanked me. As they got older, there was no need to spank any further.

As far as other people interfearing with how I raised my kids? Hell no. I don't care who it was, schools or anyone else ( members knew better and ultimately trusted my judgement...if they didn't they kept their opinions to themselves ).

I guess I technically qualify as a Boomer ( 1961 birth..) but I don't know anything about the lax, lazy childrearing that they are accused of. I raised my kids the way I was raised.

I wouldn't suggest men forego having children if that is what they want ( although finding a decent woman is another problem..) but be prepared to put in the work so you don't unleash another mindless asshole on society. It takes dilegence and dedication for about 15-18 years, but the rewards are stupendous.

SM777 said...

Here's some Mathematics for you:

Single+Childfree=Few to no worries+few to no financial problems

'Reality' Doug said...

Glenn Filthie, Dave, and Blaximus, those were awesome comments. I can almost imagine what being a father is like. Glenn, you are doing the right thing. I would rather be an astranged father than a compromised father who by slavish example teaches his child that he is inferior. Maybe your daughter will come around and want your wisdom, but I would be far more confident of that if we were talking about a son. What I think female nature is is not so promising. Seriously, the idea of no college from Dave, makes perfect sense to me. That is hindsight, and someone of legal age who can get student loans can go anyway, at least in the US.

liberranter said...

If you are looking for your next book project, Aaron - here it is: A Manospherian Approach To Fatherhood.

And that'll be the shortest book ever written, consisting of exactly three boldface words: DON'T DO IT.

I feel your pain, Glen. Been there, done that. It ain't gonna happen again.