Monday, June 02, 2014

Worthless Degree Awareness Month is BACK!

June is Worthless Degree Awareness Month where we do our best to *ahem* "raise awareness" amongst the youth that the vampiric higher education industry is fully intending of sucky dry their financial live blood.

Naturally I have my book available for 1/32,784ths the price of an average degree, but just having a talk with your kid, highlighting starting salaries, or doing some basic math with your child about ROI will help prevent your child from making a decision that will ABSOLUTELY DESTROY their financial futures.

This is too important of an issue AND TOO EASILY PREVENTABLE that something (unlike most leftists political causes) can actually be done about it.

Just like polio, let's eradicate worthless degrees.


Anonymous said...

I love that you rail against the education cartel; arguably the biggest fraud of our generation. You're one of the only people out there doing so. I respect that.

I have a Poli Sci degree from UCLA. That shit is worthless. To add insult to injury, my degree is not even 2-ply. At least if it were it would have some value.

Robert What? said...

Yeah, unfortunately my son (24) got a worthless degree which I blame myself for, but when he was going off to college I was still completely steeped in the blue pill world. Fortunately he has no debt. But if it were happening today I would refuse to pay for going off to college to get a worthless degree. I did buy him a copy of BPE, but other than that I don't know what else I can do at this point.

heresolong said...

I had a nice chat with a student (yes, I'm a high school teacher) the other day. She was telling me about her plans to go to college and then open a wedding planner business. I queried her at length about what benefit the college degree was going to be in her business and suggested that taking a few business classes and just opening a business immediately might be a better idea. If nothing else, left her with some ideas that she hasn't gotten anywhere else in our system.

Robert What? said...

Heresolong - kudos to you for thinking of the student's best interests rather than the system's. Good to know there are still teachers like you around.

JD said...

Gave a copy of your book to a graduating senior who's off to college. He is unashamed to spread the truth when someone starts spouting bullshit.