Monday, July 07, 2014

Bold and Determined

New sponsor ladies and gentlemen.  Bold and Determined, but specifically Victor's book "30 Days of Discipline." 

Here's the deal.

If you haven't worked out before, dieted properly, or made lifestyle changes to improve your physique and mind, you really don't know where to start.

Yes, you know to eat meat and veggies.
Yes, you know to hit the gym.

But you don't know what to eat precisely, what kind of regimen you need, and you likely don't have the swift kick in the ass you need to prompt you to commit to doing so.

30 Days of Discipline does that for you.

I read the book a couple years ago and it is what prompted me to hit the gym regularly and religiously.  I owe Victor my improved physique and diet.  And though I'm not ripped Herculean god, Victor actually is (I've met the guy and yeah, you want him on your side during a fight).

Anyway, consider visiting Bold and Determined and buying Victor's book "30 Days of Discipline."  Short read, but very helpful.

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Peregrine John said...

I'll vouch for this one: It's one of those things that seems obvious once you read it, but dang, is it helpful. Good stuff.