Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Polar Vortex Economics

Finally got off my lazy ass and looked up what Canada's economic growth rate was during the first quarter of 2014.

"Why the first quarter of 2014?" you ask?

Because that's where the US economy just completely tanked posting a -2.9% economic growth rate.


what was the excuse Washington gave us for this poor performance?

"The weather.  It was the polar vortex."

And since Canada suffered it worse than we did, I figured they too must have tanked in economic growth.

Apparently not:


Robert What? said...

There was never any doubt that weather story was a smoke screen, but it is good to have the numbers to back it up. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Jeepers Creepers Captain what's going on?

Dreamer said...

Captain, since you're going to make that argument. You going to need to address two easy counter-points between US decline versus Canada's growth.

1. Most sites that leans to your view tend to view Canada as even more left than the US. This should predict a decline during the winter.
2. Ignoring or including the first point, the decline could be argued that it is not merely that it was cold. But Canada is used to the polar vortex cold as it already pretty damn cold already, US is not. If US kept getting a polar vortex every year, eventually we'll get used to it and find ways to "grow".

I'm not trying to say you're wrong, just I can easily think of too many counterpoints. Making statements/arguments tend to be more persuasive when I can't think of reasons that sounds reasonable reasons that could counter the point.

Anonymous said...

And da leftards all cry about King Steve.

Anonymous said...

I live in Canada, I'm skeptical of this I saw growth reports up here of .1%.

Also Central Canada is doing well, the rest of the country is not. Ontario just elected a big government socialist again, so they are in the crapper and will continue to be so.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that I at least have a shitty 9hr job now. Things are going to get much much much worse over the next decade.

Anonymous said...

Har! Canada sure as Hell can give you cold. Last winter was particularly brutal.

We have a mildly conservative government, and will until the next General Election. At that time, Justin Trudeau will likely win - Justin tries to act like Obama's retarded brother.

Anonymous said...

While it is true that Canada is more leftist than the USA, the Canadian federal government is definitely more pro-capitalist than the Obama administration. Since the Conservatives were elected in 2006 the corporate tax rate has been decreased and income tax rates have fallen too. The federal Finance Minister has rejected raising Canada Pension Plan contributions, (a mandatory paycheque deduction that is matched by the employer) noting that it would cost 200,000 jobs.

Also it should be noted that January to March is the off-season for some industries in Canada. Almost all crop farming, forestry and construction stops in November and restarts in April.


Anonymous said...

I know the statistics may be interesting at first, but here's the thing. Canada's economy is designed to survive harsh winters since they always have it. America's economy - not so much. That's why it's been so economically harsh, like if you saw the picture of Georgian cars going haywire just because of snow, that's because they're not used to it, not because they're simply stupid.

Anonymous said...

"Also Central Canada is doing well, the rest of the country is not."

Really... Alberta?

Anonymous said...

Canada's GDP growth is deceptive.

I'm Canadian, I have no doubt the numbers are true, but numbers don't always explain everything, especially when it comes to GDP growth.

Canada's GDP growth would have remained stagnant if not for the fact the Canadian government is importing a million slaves every year to work in what they call "the Temporary Foreign Worker Program." All this imported cheap/slave labour has no doubt contributed to hefty GDP growths year after year.

However, this mild increase in immediate GDP is hardly worth the potential moral costs. Not to mention the political upheaval that could develop if the slaves feel like rebelling the dominant culture. . .

We have seen this happen in Rome, stay tuned, the verdict is still out in Canada. . .

Anonymous said...

Let us get something straight, people.Until Obama the US always outperformed Canada - for years and years, certainly during my entire life. Higher productivity, lower unemployment, all coming from greater energy and aggressiveness, and tremendous productivity and creativity in business. As a Canadian I do not find this gratifying but it is my honest opinion. I have seen it happen in small matters as well as large.

If an American moves to Canada he or she will likely succeed - Americans are as I said above, more aggressive, and more hardworking than Canadians; more driven to succeed. Success used to be worshipped in the US but it never has been in Canada.

All of these statements are of course on average. It is certainly possible to find ruthlessly energetic Canadians, and lazy Americans.

So if the US is now close to Canada, or even worse than Canada according to some index or another, it shows how comprehensively screwed you have been by your government.

Another point about Canada and the US, apart from national psychologies: the US is Canada's largest market. It is difficult if not impossible for the US to do badly and Canada to do really well.

You have been comprehensively screwed by your government. It is a real disaster - obviously for you, but there is no good in it for anyone else.