Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You're Not Being Discriminated Against. Life is Just That Tough

A very important video for everybody, especially the younger folk:


Anders said...

Unless you are white and male, cuz white male privilege. Only white males are holding all the teaming masses of non whites and women back from reaching their true potential...??? It's why they all need Afirmative Action to level and re level the playing field so far that justice won't be realized until every white male is dead.

Brett said...

What you say is correct Anders. Every time I start to feel down about by $13K child support arrears and the fact that I haven't seen my kids in 6 months I cheer myself up by thinking about my white male privilege. Thank god I have that.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am being discriminated against.

Companies who sell the really cool and useful stuff, that makes you more powerful, don't do business with individuals and don't ship to non-business addresses.

The companies with the best products discriminate against individuals and non-business entities.

I don't want to buy a television, I want to buy isotopes of rare earth metals.

I am constantly being told that I cannot do business with them because I am an individual.

I refuse to start a company just to buy from those companies.

I'm going to start WW3 Aaron, I am fed up with the way humanity treats me !!!

Anonymous said...

This does not explain why at any job I have ever worked the people who never do anything, or show up late, get promoted.

These same people then go and give me crap when I take a measly old bathroom break, or request a day off once in a blue moon. That day is always spent reading or doing something productive toward a money making project.

Fact is people are discriminated against, and its always the scoundrels attacking the good ones(http://arts.uwaterloo.ca/~kwesthue/Kotleras-mobbing2011.pdf).

Life is easy too, its the stress of dealing with retards that makes it hard.