Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Straight, Hetero Sexual Men Determine the Beauty Standards for Women

I love how women just "decree" that they will determine what is beautiful and men have no say.

Yeah, have fun with that and let us know how that works.

And an aside. This isn't cute, or funny, it's a truly psychotic delusion, a GENUINE mental problem women are having if they think they can just "decree" what is attractive absent of men. 

Again, have fun with that.


High Arka said...

There's an element of truth in the ability of mass media to make people find something attractive. A comprehensive enough media campaign could result in a majority of future generations believing that obese people are attractive.

Deep inside, people would still be people, but generations of boys could be made to feel ashamed for growing up thinking that their attraction to "gross, skinny, bulimic girls" was an embarrassing aberration. They could end up keeping it a secret their entire lives, using drugs in order to have intercourse with fat partners, and die lonely and confused, wondering why they felt like they had missed out on something. It will be a terrible lesson.

While we reflect on that, though, we must also note how stupid it is--not as bad as the fat example, but still bad--the way real women are photoshopped into plasticky dolls. It's not so much an affront to models as it is to art. Japan is filled with gorgeous anime and stunning full-CG characters who have idealized or iconic features, but instead of paying artists to create fantasies, western media takes the shoddy approach of altering photographs into a mutant hell that is neither art nor realism.

If art had more of a voice in our society, we would be less driven to fetishize crap like fat attraction. We'd have healthier, sexier people, and healthier, sexier art, instead of hybrid demons.

Anonymous said...

Like fat women decreeing that they are "sexy BBW". Big is not beautiful. Fat is not sexy.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

One gets the strong impression that certain attractive women will intentionally make themselves look less beautiful simply in order to spite men.

UCSPanther said...

The reason feminists are so ugly, is that you can't be that ugly on the inside without it spilling over to the outside.

Just look at pictures of Betty Freidan and Andrea Dworkin...

Peregrine John said...

Come on, girls, you know this one. Fill in the blank: "Beauty is in the eye of the ________."

I knew you could.

Jose Romero said...

Does not surprise me that the author was going to get some hate from some righteous thinking chick!

Why do women think that they alone have the power to choose who are sexy and who is not. They talk about us treating women like objects when they do the EXACT same thing when they look for a mate.

Men have the right to choose who they find attractive or not. Why should he marry someone who is not his type or fit his criteria.

She is just a sad example!

Men do determine the beauty standards for women. Just look at the clothing they wear, the makeup they put on and the shoes they walk in. The majority of those things were made or invented by men and not women.


Because in the end it is us men who decided what beauty is and they (women) respond kindly!

Such is "La Vida!"

Great Post!!

Mindstorm said...

I'll bite.

Beauty is in the brain of the connoisseur?

Edwin Amirsaleh said...

Well, I'd disagree with you a bit in a certain way, cappy

Women most certainly decide what fashions are in. High heels make a chick's butt look good, but honestly, does anyone think a guy needs that to be horny enough to want women/his woman? I'd tell her/them to just stick with flat soles and save themselves the foot injury, and better she be better at dancing (surely you can apprecaite this, cappy ;-) )

Ditto ear rings. You think I'm looking at your ears? pfff

Both these things WOMEN made into regular fashion, with no help from men. Women probably FEEL like they have to wear them to keep up with other women, but that's stupid in the grand scheme of things (getting glares isn't actually getting a man, and there are better ways to make yourself look better, like the GYM, or taking the time to do long hair, or whatever)

Also, FWIW, guys, I totally disagree with all of you. I LOVE thick women. Think Nigella Lawson, or google "London Andrews". That being said, that's only when the fat specifically accumulates on the butt and breasts and arms (thick arms are so nice, especially for biting). A chick who's just fat, yeah doesn't look as good.
Anyway as a red-blooded male my testosterone makes me want to have sex with a huge chunk of women, i.e. I'm not picky, and that's a good thing